Unit of The Week: Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn

Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn

Well, let’s start on the finishing touches.

[ACT](VC/RC)1/Turn:If your opponent has two or less rear-guards, COST [Counter Blast (1)], you draw a card, and this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn.

Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn is a knight from Shadow Paladin. He wields a long rapier that can easily slice any enemy. He is available as a rare card from Phantasmal Steed Restoration. Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn has a single effect as a rear-guard and vanguard. He also has the Imaginary Gift, Force!


Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn has a simple and effective design. His allows you to draw a card and he gains 10,000 power if you have opponent has two or less rear-guards. He rewards you for playing well and retiring your opponent’s units. In addition, the effect may be used once per turn. Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn consistently draws cards and gains power during every turn by meeting his condition.

Furthermore, Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn’s strong offense pressures your opponent at all stages of the game. A Force II maker is a great choice to give Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn. He naturally gains 10,000 power from his effect. Thus, he becomes a rear-guard or vanguard with 23,000 power and two criticals. He can win games with this strategy or force your opponent to play a Perfect Guard.

Blaster Engine

Furthermore, Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn has a strong synergy with Blasters and The Dark Dictator. This group of cards is Shadow Paladin’s best units for retiring the opponent’s rear-guards. The majority of Blasters have the ability to retire units. You have a consistent core of units with Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn. The Dark Dictator and Blasters retire the opposition, and Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn draws an extra card for more resources.

Play these cards with Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn!
Premium Format

Finally, Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn is a decent rear-guard in the premium format. He is a useful rear-guard for drawing an extra card. You are able to maintain a healthy hand of cards. I always want to have a large hand in premium because offenses can swing strong attacks. Hence, you can play the newly drawn card or hold it for defense in your hand.

Card Ratings

Overall, I like Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn’s design for Shadow Paladin’s budget decks. He has a good design for rewarding players for playing a good game. I like the feeling of being rewarded for playing my best. It is a great feeling that many players enjoy. He has a place in both formats. I prefer playing Knight of Severity, Dubdrenn with The Dark Dictator.

Premium Format: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Standard Format: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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