Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Buster Blader


ATK/2,600 DEF/2,300

Gains 500 ATK for each Dragon monster your opponent controls or is in their GY.

The original dragon slayer in Yu-Gi-Oh! is Yugi’s Buster Blader. This powerful warrior is Yugi’s perfect counter to Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Buster Blader remains one of the most recognized cards from Yugi’s deck. I remember pulling a secret rare version of Buster Blader. I was so happy when I pulled this card as a kid. He was my second favorite card during the original series.


Buster Blader gains 500 ATK for each of your opponent’s dragons on their field and graveyards. He is a very powerful card against decks with many dragons. His ATK can quickly rise against those types of decks. For example, Buster Blader’s ATK rises to 4,600 if your opponent has two dragons on his or her field and two dragons in his or her graveyard. You should be able to destroy many of the opponent’s monsters by battle.

Furthermore, Buster Blader has a lot of cards to support him. You can play him in a variety of decks. He is a member of two archetypes. First, he is part of the Buster Blader archetype. Second, his also part of the Dark Magician’s archetype. Buster Blader and Dark Magician support each other.

Play these cards with Bluster Blader!
  • Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster
  • Dark Magician
  • Dark Paladin
  • Destruction Swordsman Fusion
Bluster Blader & Dark Magician Fusion!

Finally, Buster Blader was played in decks with the Dark Magician. They are Fusion Materials for Dark Paladin. Play Polymerization with Buster Blader and Dark Magician to summon Dark Paladin. This is the most powerful Fusion Monster in Dark Magician decks. You would have a major advantage in games against opponents with dragon monsters. Dark Paladin inherits a stronger version of Buster Blader’s first effect.

However, Buster Blader is now an obsolete card in Dark Magician decks. Those decks no longer need Buster Blader to play Dark Paladin. The Eye of Timaeus replaced the classic warrior. The Eye of Timaeus only requires the Dark Magician, and players may summon Dark Paladin. Thus, Buster Blader is not required to summon the powerful Dark Paladin.

Card Rating

Overall, Buster Blader has far passed his prime. He was an amazing card when he was originally released. Dragons dominated the game during that time. Buster Blader was an answer to counter many powerful dragons. However, the card  is very slow to play in today’s game, and decks with the Dark Magician no longer require the card. It also lacks proper protection from today’s meta with effects to destroy cards.

Card Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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