Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Chaos Form

[Spell Card]

This card can be used to Ritual Summon any “Chaos” or “Black Luster Soldier” Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field and/or banish “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” or “Dark Magician” from your GY, whose total Levels exactly equal the Level of the “Chaos” or “Black Luster Soldier” Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon.

Chaos Form is a Ritual Spell Card with the ability to ritual summon a variety of monsters. Chaos Form supports Black Luster Soldier, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and the Dark Magician. The Ritual Spell Card has an impressive list of monsters. The versatility of this card adds value to it. You can play it to summon powerful Ritual Monsters from three archetypes.

First Effect: Ritual Summon

Chaos Form provides a consistent option for Ritual Monsters in decks for Black Luster Soldier, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician. Chaos Form can be used to ritual summon any Chaos or Black Luster Soldier, Ritual Monster. You have many monsters to choose from each archetype. All three archetypes have multiple Ritual Monsters.

Therefore, Chaos Form is a versatile card in Yu-Gi-Oh! It is one of the few cards that support a variety of archetypes. Players can play Chaos Form in a variety of decks. You may also play this card in decks with other Ritual Spell cards such as Super Soldier Ritual. You have two cards with the ability to Ritual Summon monsters.

Second Effect:

Chaos Form makes ritual summons to be easier to perform. Chaos Form’s second effect allows you to banish Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Dark Magician from the hand, field or graveyard for the Ritual Summon. You have many options on performing the Ritual Summon. The best source is the graveyard because you may reuse monsters from the graveyard.

Furthermore, Chaos Form allows players to reuse resources. You may have played Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Dark Magician at an early point during a duel. The monster is now in your graveyard, but the monster is still a useful resource. Chaos Form uses Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Dark Magician as the tribute for the Ritual Summon, and this effect saves cards in your hand.

  • Exact Levels

The additional requirement of the ritual summon requires the total levels of the monster or monsters for the summon to equal the level of the Chaos or Black Luster Soldier Ritual Monster. Therefore, Chaos Form can become a dead card if you are unable to fulfill the requirement. This effect restricts the ability to ritual summon monsters if your current cards do not equal the Ritual Monster’s level.

However, you can minimize this weakness. A deck with Ritual Monsters and Chaos Form needs Black Luster Soldier, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician. You can consistently perform Ritual Summons with those three monsters because their levels equal the levels of the majority of counterparts that are Ritual Monsters.

Black Luster Soldier:

Black Luster Soldier: Super Soldier is one of the strongest Ritual Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Form can ritual summon this monster. You will have one of the best Ritual Monsters on your side of the field. Black Luster Soldier: Super Soldier inflicts major damage to opponents, and Chaos Form sets the stage for this warrior’s arrival.

Furthermore, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the perfect monster to banish for the ritual Summon. The legendary dragon is a monster at level 8. You meet the requirements for the Ritual Summon. Then, You may banish Blue-Eyes White Dragon to ritual summon Black Luster Soldier: Super Soldier.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon:

The legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon has powerful versions of itself in Ritual Monsters. These cards are very powerful monsters. Chaos Form may ritual summon Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon and Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon.

In addition, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a level 8 monster. You can consistently banish it from the graveyard to Ritual Summon a monster. Consistency is the key to victory.

For example, you may banish Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the graveyard to ritual summon Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon. You gain a stronger version of the original monster. Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon has amazing effects with the ability to dominate opponents.

Dark Magician:

Dark Magician is the third archetype for Chaos Form. The archetype has useful Ritual Monsters. Magician of Chaos and Magician of Black Chaos Max are the best Ritual Monsters for their archetype.

Furthermore, Dark Magician is level seven and his level equals Magician of Chaos’s level of seven. Therefore, you can simply banish Dark Magician to Ritual Summon Magician of Chaos. You will have a stronger version of the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense on the field.

However, Dark Magician needs more assistance than Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Black Luster Soldier. Dark Magician is a level seven monster, and Magician of Black Chaos MAX is a level 8 monster. You will need to add a level 1 monster such as Magicians’ Souls to have eight levels for this summon.

  • Monsters with Dark Magician in Their Names

In addition, a card’s name on the physical card and its effect are very important rules. Dark Magician the Dragon Knight on the field and in the graveyard has the name of Dark Magician. Dark Magician the Dragon Knight is also a level eight monster. Therefore, Chaos Form can banish this Fusion Monster for a Ritual Summon.

List of Monsters that can be Ritual Summoned by Chaos Form:
Card NameMonster TypeLevelAttribute
Black Luster SoldierWarrior8Earth
Black Luster Soldier - Super SoldierWarrior 8Earth
Blue-Eyes Chaos DragonDragon8Dark
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX DragonDragon8Dark
Magician of Black ChaosSpellcaster8Dark
Magician of Black Chaos MAXSpellcaster8Dark
Magician of ChaosSpellcaster7Dark
Card Rating:

Overall, Chaos Form is a versatile Spell. Three archetypes can play this card, and most Ritual Spells will only appear in one type of deck. The new Ritual Monsters for these archetypes will increase the value of Chaos Form. It is a simple card to play, and you can easily fulfill its effects. I recommend playing Chaos Form in a deck with Ritual Monsters for Black Luster Soldier, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, or Dark Magician.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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