The Tournament Report: First Local Tournament

Last Saturday I attended my first every tournament. My local shop hosted a Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament. We finally have a group of players to build a local community for Cardfight!! Vanguard. There were only five players. One player received a first round bye, and this was determined by rolling a dice. The player with the high roll earned the first bye. I played my Gold Paladin deck with Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit. The deck is not complete, but has more than enough power to win games. I had a few decks with my, but I decided to stay with Gurguit.

I split a box of Fighter’s Collection 2016 with a friend before the tournament started. I wanted to add G Guardians to my Gold Paladin deck. I pulled Sacred Heaven Prayer Master, Reia and Dark Element, Dizmel. Both G Guardians were quickly added to my extra deck! My first round opponent gave his copy of Sacred Heaven Prayer Master, Reia to me. That’s a nice guy!

Round One

Wins: 1

Loses: 2

My first opponent was William. He played as Dragonic Overlord “The Legend” deck with minor modifications. The first two games were extremely close. He won the first game. Watch it in the video above this paragraph. The first two games are two of the best games that I ever played. I wished I recorded the second game because Gurguit’s Generation Break saved the match and I was able to pull out a tight win in game two. The third game failed to meet the hype. I lost early in the game because my opponent stacked three critical triggers.

Round Two

Second Round Bye

I got lucky and received a bye in the second round. My previous opponent swept his next opponent. His opponent played a Megacolony deck. Dragonic Overlord “The Legend” burned the insects from the nation of Zoo. The other match featured Bermuda Triangle and Dark Irregulars. Conner played a Duo deck with Duo True Sister, Meer and George played a Dark Irregular deck with Scharhrot Vampir! Duo True Sister, Meer defeated Scharhrot Vampir in two straight games.

Round Three

Wins: 2

Loses: 0

My buddy George played his Dark Irregulars deck at the tournament. We clashed in the third and final round. I won the match with a clean sweep! The first match was fairly easy. I drew all four of my Perfect Guards by the mid-game with the help from my Draw Trigger. His vanguard did not have a chance in hitting Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit. My Gold Paladins united the Special Forces to dominate the Dark Irregulars. The second victory was pure luck. I was grade locked up to grade two and pulled out the victory!

The undefeated Dragonic Overlord “The Legend” battled against the also undefeated Duo True Sister, Meer! Dragonic Overlord “the Legend” won the championship match in a clean sweep. Only my Gold Paladin deck won one game against the champion.

The Final Word

This tournament opened my eyes to two major factors. First I greatly underestimated how good my Gold Paladin deck is and secondly, defense is far better in Cardfight!! Vanguard since the release of the G Guardians. Almost all of my matches lasted for nearly 20 minutes. I am proud of my Gold Paladins. They fought valiantly in both matches. My record for matches was one out of two. My record for games was three out of five. I am disappointed that I did not win, but I still had fun.

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