Elemental HERO

Elemental HERO is an archetype of warriors from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Superheroes and fusion are the themes of Elemental HERO. Every monster in the archetype is a superhero. Their supportive cards have names for the theme such as HERO Signal to the Bat-Signal.


Elemental Heroes use Polymerization and similar cards for Fusion Summons. The most powerful Elemental Heroes are fusion monsters. They have powerful effects with many advantages.

Due to Elemental Heroes’ fusion monsters, a deck needs to play cards for fusion summons. Polymerization and Super Polymerization can fusion summon Elemental Heroes from the Extra Deck. These cards are essential spells for the archetype.


Elemental Heroes - Fusion Monsters 1

Fusion Monsters are the keys to victory for Elemental Heroes. These monsters have powerful effects, and there are monsters for most situations. You can create a variety of strategies for a deck of Elemental Heroes.

You can create a control deck. Elemental HERO Sunrise provides control and destroys the opponent’s cards. Elemental HERO Absolute Zero destroys all of the opponent’s monster after he leaves the filed under any circumstance.

Effect Monsters:

Elemental HERO relies on its effect monsters in the deck. These cards help run the deck’s strategy. These effect monsters add resources such as monsters and Polymerization to your hand.

For example, Elemental HERO Stratos is one of the best cards in the archetype. Elemental HERO Stratos special summons a HERO from the deck or Elemental HERO Stratos destroys the opponent’s spells and traps. You gain one of two advantages.

List of Elemental HERO Monsters:

NameCard TypeTypeLevelAttribute
Elemental HERO AvianNormal MonsterWarrior3Wind
Elemental HERO BlazemanEffect MonsterWarrior4Fire
Elemental HERO BurstinatrixNormal MonsterWarrior3Fire
Elemental HERO ClaymanNormal MonsterWarrior4Earth
Elemental HERO FlashEffect MonsterWarrior5Light
Elemental HERO HeatEffect MonsterWarrior4Fire
Elemental HERO Honest NeosEffect MonsterWarrior 7Light
Elemental HERO Liquid SoldierEffect MonsterWarrior4Water
Elemental HERO Shadow MistEffect MonsterWarrior4Dark
Elemental HERO Solid SoldierEffect MonsterWarrior4Earth
Elemental HERO Spirit of NeosEffect MonsterWarrior7Light
Elemental HERO StratosEffect MonsterWarrior4Wind
Elemental HERO WoodsmanEffect MonsterWarrior4Earth

Elemental HERO Monsters Fusion Monsters:

NameCard TypeFusion MaterialTypeLevelAttribute
Elemental HERO Absolute ZeroFusion Monster1 "HERO" monster + 1 WATER monsterWarrior8Water
Elemental HERO CoreFusion Monster3 "Elemental HERO" monstersWarrior9Earth
Elemental HERO DarkbrightFusion MonsterElemental HERO Sparkman
Elemental HERO Necroshade
Elemental HERO ElectrumFusion MonsterElemental HERO Avian
Elemental HERO Burstinatrix
Elemental HERO Clayman
Elemental HERO Bubbleman
Elemental HERO Great TornadoFusion Monster1 "Elemental HERO" monster + 1 WIND monsterWarrior8Wind
Elemental HERO InfernoFusion MonsterElemental HERO Heat
Elemental HERO Lady Heat
Elemental HERO Phoenix EnforcerFusion MonsterElemental HERO Avian
Elemental HERO Burstinatrix
Elemental HERO Shining Flare WingmanFusion MonsterElemental HERO Flame Wingman
Elemental HERO Sparkman
Elemental HERO Steam HealerFusion MonsterElemental HERO Burstinatrix
Elemental HERO Bubbleman
Elemental HERO Terra FirmaFusion MonsterElemental HERO Ocean
Elemental HERO Woodsman
Elemental HERO WildedgeFusion MonsterElemental HERO Wildheart
Elemental HERO Bladedge

List of Spells:

A Hero LivesNormal Spell Card
E - Emergency CallNormal Spell Card
Generation NextQuick-Play Spell Card
Hero Flash!!Normal Spell Card
Hero MaskNormal Spell Card
SkyscraperField Spell Card
Skydive ScorcherNormal Spell Card

List of Traps:

NameCard Type
Change of Hero - Reflector RayNormal Trap
Hero BarrierNormal Trap
Hero CounterattackNormal Trap
Hero SignalNormal Trap
Mirror GateNormal Trap

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