TCG Strategy Guide: Blue-Eyes Fusion Deck

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is one of the staples in Yu-Gi-Oh! This legendary card debuted in the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! The anime builds this card’s legacy as one of the rarest cards in the world. However, this card is very common in reality. Seto Kaiba plays three Blue-Eyes White Dragons in his deck. He also has a variety of Blue-Eyes Fusion Monsters in his extra deck.

In recent years, Konami has been releasing new cards for Blue-Eyes. The deck continues to get better every year. The new fusion monsters are far superior to the original Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. The Turner Monsters are also great for gaining resources. I cannot forget the awesome Synchro Monsters to further enhance a Blue-Eyes deck.

The primary focus of this strategy guide is the Fusion deck. Blue-Eyes White Dragon has many decks to cover. One guide would be too broad for the archetype. I will cover more variants of Blue-Eyes in future strategy guides. I will announce those studies guides on social media as soon as they are available.

Booster Sets and Structure Deck

Blue-Eyes cards have been featured in many booster sets, starter decks, and structure decks. You will have an easy time finding cards for your deck. I recommend first buying Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This structure deck includes many good cards for a Blue-Eyes. In addition, Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a very affordable structure deck.

Booster Sets
  • Duelist Pack: Kaiba
  • Shining Victories
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack
Recommended Deck List

Main Deck = 40 Cards

Monster Cards = 20 Cards

  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
  • Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon x3
  • Maiden with Eyes of Blue x3
  • Master with Eyes of Blue x2
  • Protector with Eyes of Blue x3
  • Sage with Eyes of Blue x3
  • The White Stone of Ancients x3

Spell Cards = 17 Cards

  • Beacon of White x2
  • Galaxy Cyclone x1
  • Mausoleum of White x3
  • Mystical Space Typhoon x3
  • Return of the Dragon Lords x3
  • Silver’s Cry x3
  • The Melody of Awakening Dragon x2

Trap Cards = 3 Cards

  • Champion’s Vigilance x2
  • Solemn Warning x1

Extra Deck

  • Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon x3
  • Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon x3
  • Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x3
  • Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x3
  • Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon x3
Fusion Monsters

Blue-Eyes White Dragons fuse together to become very powerful monsters. Blue-Eyes have three of the strongest Fusion Monsters in the game. Two of these cards make multiple attacks every turn. Furthermore, you have a lot of opportunities for one turn kills. Multiple attacks from these strong Fusion Monsters can win games.

Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon

Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon is one of the best Fusion Monsters in the game. It attacks twice per turn. Furthermore, Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon banishes monsters that are not destroyed by battle. This effect is great against monsters with effects that prevent them from being destroyed by battle. Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon is the best card for banishing your opponent’s monsters. The ability to banish monsters is always an advantage.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is the original Blue-Eyes Fusion Monster. It is one of the strongest cards in the game. I only recommend playing it as fuel for Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon’s skill. A set of this card provides the cost for Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to make three attacks in a single turn. This combo can potentially defeat your opponent in a single turn.

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is an upgraded version of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. This powerful dragon is the ultimate OTK card. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon unleashes three attacks per turn. In addition, this card also has an effect to protect your Blue-Eyes monsters. Overall, it is one of the best Fusion Monsters in the game.

Blue-Eyes Synchro Monsters

Blue-Eyes have access to many Tuner monsters to summon Synchro Monster. You should take advantage of the pool of available Synchro Monsters for the deck. These cards are great options to play against certain decks.

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon is a great card to counter swarm decks. It limits players to one special summon at a time. This is a powerful card to play against Pendulum decks. In addition to restricting special summons, Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon negates an effect from the graveyard once per turn. This effect is strong against decks with cards that activate effects from the graveyard.

The Main Deck

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the best Normal Monster in the game. Its stats are amazing, and it has a lot of good support. This card alone can destroy most monsters in battle. Furthermore, Blue-Eyes White Dragon can easily be special summoned by Maiden With Eyes of Blues. There are many cards to special summon it from the graveyard such as Return of The Dragon Lords.

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon is one of the strongest Blue-Eyes cards. This card is amazing. Its effect special summons itself from your hand to the field. In addition, its second effect destroys one of your opponent’s monsters on the field. This skill is very useful for destroying strong monsters and clearing the board for direct attacks.

Maiden with Eyes of Blue

Maiden with Eyes of Blue is one of the best cards ever released for Blue-Eyes. Her effects special summon one Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your hand, deck, or graveyard. You may also trigger her first effect by targeting her with your cards. In addition, she is a Tuner Monster. You can go into your plays to summon your Blue-Eyes Synchro Monsters!

Protector with Eyes of Blue

Protector with Eyes of Blue is another option for Tuner Monsters in a Blue-Eyes deck. His effects work in perfect harmony to set up Synchro Summons. He special summons a Tuner Monster and a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your hand. Then, you summon a Synchro Monster from your extra deck. However, you may only use his skill once per turn.

Sage with Eyes of Blue

Sage with Eyes of Blue is a good monster to consider for a deck. He searches the deck for your key cards. Sage with Eyes of Blue is a good card for special summoning Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the deck. It gives you quick access to the deck’s signature card. Sage with Eyes of Blue also searches the deck, and adds Maiden with Eyes of Blue to your hand.

The White Stone of Ancients

The White Stone of Ancients is a great Tuner Monster. This card provides access to your deck’s signature monsters. It summons a Synchro Monster and a Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the same turn. You perform a Synchro Summon. Then, you special summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon during the End Phase.

Spell Cards

Dragons have a large poll of generic Spell cards to play. Blue-Eyes White Dragon benefits from these cards. In addition to generic cards, Blue-Eyes also have good Spell Cards for the archetype. These cards can give you the edge in many duels. I am listing the best Spell cards for your Blue-Eyes Fusion deck.

Burst Stream of Destruction

Burst Stream of Destruction is an amazing card for Blue-Eyes. It destroys all of your opponent’s monsters. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is unable to attack on the turn that you play this card. However, your other monsters can crush your opponent. Burst Stream of Destruction is the perfect card to play to set up Neo Blue-Eyes White Dragon to win the game.

Return of the Dragon Lords

Return of the Dragon Lords is one of the best Spell Cards for dragon decks. It special summons a Level 7 or 8 monster from your graveyard. It is perfect for special summoning a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the graveyard. In addition, it protects your dragons in battle and from effects. Return of the Dragon Lords provides the perfect protection for your powerful Blue-Eyes Fusion Monsters.

Silver’s Cry

Silver’s Cry is a useful Quick Play Spell card for Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It special summons Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your graveyard. Silver’s Cry  gives you access to your dragons after you fuse them. You will need to reuse your Blue-Eyes White Dragon for additional Fusion summons. Then, you can better manage your resources.

Trap Cards

I suggest playing generic Trap Cards in Blue-Eyes Fusion decks. These cards counter your opponent’s strategy. You want to limit their ability to playing as many cards as possible. Furthermore, you can prevent an opponent from having monsters on the field by negating summons. Then, your opponent will be wide open for a direct attack from Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Champion’s Vigilance

Champion’s Vigilance in an unique Trap Card to play in a Blue-Eyes deck. This deck is one of the few decks that will play this card. Champion’s Vigilance is the perfect Counter Trap Card for Blue-Eyes decks. It is useful for negating the activation of your opponent’s card, and destroying the card in the process.  However, you may only activate it when you control a Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field.

The Final Word

Overall, a Blue-Eyes Fusion deck is a very strong deck. Blue-Eyes has stood the test of time. The deck continues to be a good deck after many years in the game. It has many ways to win in a single turn. Your opponent must always be on guard, or the opponent may get knocked out at a moment’s notice.

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