Structure Deck Review: Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon features Seto Kaiba’s signature card Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Konami released it in 2013. Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon includes 2 ultra rare cards, 2 super rare cards, and a total of 41 cards. It is one of the most expensive structure decks to purchase online. I was lucky to find a new box at Target for $9.99. The price was too good to pass up the offer.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon has the highest attack points among Normal Monsters with 3,000 attack points. Only four copies of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon existed in the original anime and Seto Kaiba owns three copies in his deck. Kaiba dominates his opponents with his favorite monster. Yugi’s grandfather Mr. Moto owns the fourth copy and plays it in his deck. Maximillion Pegasus plays a Blue-Eyes Toon White Dragon in his Toon deck.

New Cards

Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon includes three new cards to take the legendary dragon to the next level. Konami’s highlight in the deck is Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon. Its first ability prevents all dragon type monsters that your control from being targeted or destroyed by card effects until the end of the turn that it was summoned. The second skill special summons one normal dragon from your graveyard during your standby phase. Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon is only available in Saga of Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Maiden with Eyes of Blue is the best card from this structure deck. She starts the engine of special summoning the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the field. She special summons a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your deck, hand or graveyard when your opponent attacks her or when she is targeted by a card. Your opponent will not want to attack her to face the consequences. She is also a tuner monster. You can use her as Synchro material to special summon Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon!

Rider of the Storm Winds is a handy card. He provides protect for your Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field. You attach him from your hand to a dragon on your field. If your legendary dragon would be destroyed, then this card will be destroyed instead. Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Azure-eyes Silver Dragon will survive potential destruction from cards such as Dark Hole.


Unfortunately, this structure deck lacks good reprints. I will not play the majority of the reprints in any of my decks. However, there is only one very good reprint and that reprint is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The deck requires this card because it is the theme’s most important card. You could not properly play this deck without it. This is actually my first ultra rare version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon since I returned to the game a few years ago.


The deck’s strategy is simplistic for a structure deck. New players can easily learn the deck’s goal with plenty of practice. The goal is to spam the field with Blue-Eyes White Dragons. Your supporting cast can recycle your Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the Graveyard. The main two cards focus on special your Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the field. Your will overwhelm your opponent by having the strongest monster the field.

The Final Word

Overall, Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the perfect tribute to Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I love Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s support in the deck. Each card complements the Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s greatest strength in its high attack points. Sage of Blues White Dragon’s only flaw is its lack of good reprints. Only the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a useful reprint in the structure deck. Most reprints in the structure deck will not see any play in a competitive deck. I still recommend buying a copy of Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon if you have not already bought one. Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s reprint and new support are worth it!

Structure Deck Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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