Unit of The Week: Great Composure Dragon (V Series)

Strong on offence and tough on defense. The makings of one who stands at the top.

[AUTO](VC/RC):At the beginning of your or your opponent’s battle phase, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn for each open (RC) in your opponent’s front row. If it is your turn, it gets +5000 instead of +3000.

Cardfight!! Vanguard V hyped Great Composure Dragon as an amazing card for veterans. Naoki plays this unit in Cardfight!! Vanguard V. It is his ace card for a few episode. Its skill looks fascinating in the anime. I like vanguards with defensive skills. Does Great Composure Dragon live up to its hype from the anime?

Great Composure Dragon gains 3,000 power for each open rear-guard circle in your proponent’s front row. If it is your turn, then he gains 5,000 power instead of 3,000 power during your turn. This skill rewards you for playing Narukami’s strategy to its fullest potential. Narukami binds your opponent’s units. Then, Great Composure Dragon is rewarded a surge of power! Great Composure Dragon’s power rises to 22,000 power if your opponent has two open rear-guard circles in the front row.

Play these cards with Great Composure Dragon.
  • Dragonic Deathscythe
  • Recklessness Dragon
Combo: Power up Great Composure Dragon!
  1. Ride Great Composure Dragon and create an Accel circle.
  2. Call Recklessness Dragon, and activate its skill to bind an opponent’s rear-guard in the front row.
  3. Call Dragonic Deathscythe, and activate its skill to bind an opponent’s rear-guard in the front row.
  4. Great Composure Dragon’s power rises to 22,000!

Furthermore, Great Composure Dragon’s skill appears to be a good defensive skill. He gains power during your opponent’s turn for each open rear-guard circle. Great Composure Dragon’s power rises to 18,000 during your proponent’s battle phase if he or she has two open rear-guard circles. Furthermore, Accel circles are also front row rear-guard circles. Great Composure Dragon can gain a large amount of power against an Accel deck.

However, players can easily avoid Great Composure Dragon’s defense. Players only need to call units to all of their front rows. Then, Great Composure Dragon will not be able to gain power during their turns. You will rarely be able to use this skill for your advantage. I would not depend on it during my opponent’s turn.

Overall, Great Composure Dragon is an overrated card. The anime promotes this card as being a great card for veterans, but it is a mediocre card in reality. His surge of power is a nice skill. Unfortunately, it is his only skill, and he does not influence the game. Opponents can play around this card’s skill during their turns to prevent it from gaining power.

Card Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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