TCG Strategy Guide: The Dark Magician’s Rise To Greatness!

Dark Magician is the one of the most popular cards in the game. Fans adore him for being Yugi’s ace monster. I always said Dark Magician will one day have one of the best desk in Yu-Gi-OH! Dark Magician has received new support in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack and The Dark Illusion. Classic support will be reprinted in Dragons of Legend Unleashed! He is now set to be one of the best normal monsters in the game.

The Dark Magician has support from old sets, and most of the cards were not good enough to elevate the ultimate wizard to top status. Dark Magician is a normal monster and is not very good on his own. However, he can become a superstar with the right supporting cast. Normal monsters need a lot of support because they lack effects to be protected on the field.

My study guide will only focus on the Dark Magician’s main support. I will not include generic support such as Spellbooks. Spellbooks can work with Dark Magician if you know how to play the deck. Only cards with Dark Magician in their title or text will be featured in the study guide.

Dark Magicians

Dark Magician

The deck’s headliner is the Dark Magician! He requires a strong supporting cast to be an efficient card. Thankfully, many new cards in recent years have been created to support the Dark Magician. He is a great card to use for XYZ summons, and he is Fusion Material to many awesome Fusion Monsters. He is a threat with the right cards on the field.

Dark Magician of Chaos

Dark Magician of Chaos is finally legal again. He is the retrained version of Magician of Black Chaos. He can make a major impact in a Dark Magician deck. His skill allows you to draw a Spell card from your Graveyard at the end phase of the turn he was summoned. Dark Magical Circle, The Eye of Timaeus, and Dark Magic Attack are great targets for his skill. He banishes monsters after he destroys them in battle.

Extra Deck

Dark Paladin

Dark Paladin is my favorite fusion monster of the Dark Magician. He is great against Dragon decks. He gains 500 attack points for every Dragon in both players’ fields and graveyards. In addition to gaining power, Dark Paladin may negate and destroy an opponent’s spell card by discarding a card from your hand. Only use this effect if you must negate your opponent’s spell card.

Amulet Dragon

You may banish spell cards from your graveyard or your opponent’s graveyard. Amulet Dragon gains 100 attack points for each spell card banish by this method. This card is fantastic against decks that rely on spell cards in their graveyards. Spellbooks is the first archetype to come to mind, and it is ironic for the Dark Magician to be able to counter his support. If Amulet Dragon is destroyed by your opponent, then you may special summon Dark Magician from the graveyard to the field!

Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight

Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight is my favorite fusion monster of all time! Her effect is pretty good too! You may activate her effect during either player’s turn. Discard a card from your hand to destroy any card on the field.

Ebon Illusion Magician

Ebon Illusion Magician is the XYZ version of the Dark Magician. He is the best monster in the extra deck. He can special summon a Dark Magician from the deck. His second effect banishes a monster when your Spellcaster declares an attack. He removes your opponent’s largest monsters from the game. I highly recommend playing Ebon Illusion Magician in a Dark Magician deck.

Ebon High Magician

Ebon High Magician is Dark Magician’s second XYZ counterpart. If he is destroyed by battle or sent to the graveyard by a card effect, then you may special summon a Dark Spellcaster from your hand or deck and you may destroy one card on the field. It is the defensive XYZ monster while Ebon Illusion Magician is the offensive counterpart.

Magician Girls

Dark Magician Girl

Dark Magician Girl is the most popular female monster in the game. Her beauty is where she gains most of her popularity. She gains 300 attack points for every Dark Magician in both players’ graveyards. Furthermore, her main purpose in a Dark Magician deck is to summon Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight.

Chocolate Magician Girl

Chocolate Magician Girl is the best Magician Girl. She has cool combs with the Dark Magician and his comrades. She helps in drawing cards and can special summon a Spellcaster if she is targeted for an attack. Chocolate Magician Girl’s first effect discards a Spellcaster from your hand to draw a card. Your deck will run faster while having faster access to your cards. Opponents will not attack her while you have a Dark Magician or Dark Magician of Chaos in the graveyard.

Spell Cards

The Eye of Timaeus

The Eye of Timaeus is all the fusion material you need for Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. You have access to all of Dark Magician’s fusions without his fusion partners. You can special summon Amulet Dragon or Dark Paladin from you Extra Deck!

Dark Magic Attack

Dark Magic Attacks is Dark Magician’s personal Heavy Storm. It destroys all of your opponent’s Spell and Trap cards on the field. Dark Magic Attack can be useful when your opponent has many cards set.

Thousand Knives 

Thousands Knives destroys an opponent’s monster on the field when you control Dark Magician.

Dark Magical Circle

Dark Magical Circle from Dark Magician’s art is now a card. Your opponents will fear this symbol. You may draw a card with Dark Magician in its time or text, and put the remaining cards on top of your deck in any order. Draw a Dark Magician to take advantage of Dark Magical Circle’s second ability. Once per turn you may banish an opponent’s card if you are able to summon a Dark Magician.

The Final Word

Dark Magician is finally part of the best decks in the game. He takes control of duels by working with his archetype. We no longer rely on cheap gimmicks for a single turn. His new supporting cast has amazing effects. The deck is much faster with new methods to special summon the ultimate wizard. Cards like Dark Magical Circle and Ebon Illusion Magician allows you to control the game. There are a few retro cards that are still good for decks with Dark Magician. Dark Paladin and Dark Magic Attack are good cards to include in a Dark Magician deck. Both cards can tip the duel in your favor. Dark Magician! Dark Magic Attack!

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