Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Spellbook of Miracles

Target 1 Spellcaster-Type Xyz Monster in your Graveyard and up to 2 of your banished “Spellbook” Spell Cards; Special Summon that monster, and if you do, attach the targeted “Spellbook” Spell Card(s) to it as Xyz Material. You can only activate 1 “Spellbook of Miracles” per turn.

Spellbooks are an effective archetype of cards for Spellcasters. These magical books have powerful effects to strengthen the best spellcasters in Yu-Gi-Oh! One of these useful cards is the Spellbook of Miracles. The Spellbook of Miracles supports Spellcaster Xyz monsters.


Spellbook of Miracles lives up to its name. The Spellbook of Miracles creates the miracle life by special summoning a Spellcaster-type Xyz monster from your graveyard. You regain a a powerful Spellcaster from your graveyard. This Spell card is basically a version of Monster Reborn for Spellcaster-type Xyz monsters.

In addition, it attaches two banished Spellbook Spell cards to your new Xyz monster! You can activate the Xyz monster’s effects. Then, the monster creates powerful plays to swing the momentum. For example, Number 11: Big Eye takes control of the opponent’s monster.

Furthermore, the attachments of the Spellbooks on the Spellcaster-type Xyz monster are a nice advantage. it is a better card than Monster Reborn for Spellcaster-type Xyz monsters. You are able to activate their abilities. You have the attachments to pay the cost. Then, your Spellcaster-type Xyz monster unleash its full potential.

Play these cards with Spellbook of Miracles!
Spellcaster-Type XYZ Monsters

Finally, Spellcasters have many powerful Xyz monsters. Ebony High Magician and Number 11: Big Eye are amazing cards for an Extra deck. You may consider a card such as Spellbook of Miracles for your deck. Spellbook of Miracles is a good option for decks with Spellcaster-type Xyz monsters.

Play these XYZ Monsters with Spellbook of Miracles!
Card Rating:

Overall, Spellbook of Miracles is a useful card for decks with powerful Spellcaster-type Xyz monsters. It is a better card than Monster Reborn for Spellcaster-type Xyz monsters. You gain a powerful monster on your field, and it is able to use its abilities. Unleash the full potential of your Spellcaster-type Xyz monster. The Spellbook of Miracles creates the miracle for your victory.

Card Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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