Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Blizzard Princess

ATK/2,800 DEF/2,100
You can Tribute Summon this card in face-up Attack Position by Tributing 1 Spellcaster-Type monster. After this card was Normal Summoned, your opponent cannot activate Spell/Trap Cards for the rest of that turn 
Blizzard Princess is one of my favorite cards. She’s very easy to summon which makes her a very attractive card for Spellcaster decks. She has a very respectable 2,800 attack. Blizzard Princess works very well with many Spellbook spell cards. The Spellbook of Power will given her an additional 1,000 attack power thus making her attack 3,800 for the turn. That’s more than enough attack power to destroy most monsters.

Furthermore, Blizzard Princess is a level eight monster. She can be used to quickly summon ritual monsters and high level synchro monsters. For example you active Black Magic Ritual to special summon The Magician of Black Chaos. You used Blizzard Princess as the only tribute because she and The Magician of Black Chaos are level eight monsters. Next you can activate Monster Reborn to special summon Blizzard Princess from the graveyard!

Blizzard Princess has a wicked combo with High Priestess of Prophecy. First you special summon High Priestess of Prophecy by using her effect. Next, you tribute High Priestess of Prophecy to summon Blizzard Princess. Finally you can either use Monster Reborn or Spellbook of Life to special summon the High Priestess of Prophecy you just tributed. This tactic can easily be done as soon as your first turn with the right hand. Secondly, another important feature of this combo is Blizzard Princess’s effect. It saves you from using a Spellbook of Wisdom. Blizzard Princess’s successful summoning prevents your opponent from playing spell and trap cards for the remainder of that turn. Now you have two high level Spellcasters with full protection!
Special Summon Blizzard Princess:
Blizzard Princess is a generic card for spellcasters. You can play many cards with the effect to special summon her. Some cards directly support spellcasters, and other cards can special summon any type of monster.

Magical Exemplar is a great card to special summon spellcasters such as Blizzard Princess from your hand or graveyard. You need eight Spell Counters on Magical Exemplar, and remove them from her. Then, you can special summon Blizzard Princess.

Play these cards to special summon Blizzard Princess
  • Magical Dimension
  • Magical Exemplar
  • Monster Reborn
Finally, her only flaw is that she is not searchable in spellcaster decks. Temperance of Prophecy can only special summon Dark and Light monsters. In order to play Blizzard Princess, you must normally draw her. Other then that she doesn’t have any major setbacks.
Card Rating:

Overall, Blizzard Princess is a nice card to normal summon to prevent your opponent from activating Spell and Trap cards for the turn. Your opponent cannot counter your actions, and you free to play any card without caution. The turn belongs to you, and take full advantage of it. Blizzard Princess can help destroy one of your opponent’s best monsters. Her skill may be the factor that helps you win the game in the same turn.

Card Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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