Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Elemental HERO Stratos

Elemental HERO Stratos


ATK/1,800 DEF/300

When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can activate 1 of these effects.
● You can destroy Spell/Trap Cards on the field, up to the number of “HERO” monsters you control, except this card.
● Add 1 “HERO” monster from your Deck to your hand.

Elemental HERO Stratos is one of the greatest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! This card is so powerful that Konami banned it for many years. Elemental HERO Stratos is now back in the game at three copies per day! Elemental HERO decks are stronger than ever before! He is ready to save the day with his fellow heroes in action.

Manga Appearance

I am not impressed with the Manga’s version of Elemental HERO Stratos. His effect in the book is very mediocre. His effect halves his ATK and he attacks your opponent directly. That is very lackluster for one of the game’s most popular Elemental Heroes. Thankfully the real game gives the best Stratos to us.

Stratos to The Rescue!

Elemental HERO Stratos has two powerful effects that activate when he is normal summoned or special summoned. However, you may only use one of his effects. Carefully consider all of your options before you make your decision. Both effects give major advantages in the right situation. You can swing the game in your favor.

First Effect

Elemental HERO Stratos’s first effect destroys your opponent’s Spell or Trap card for each Elemental HERO on your field except for Elemental HERO Stratos. He is basically a Heavy Storm in a monster card. You can destroy many cards in your opponent’s back row if you have multiple Elemental Heroes on the field. The best scenario is to have at least two other Elemental Heroes to destroy two cards in your opponent’s back row.

Second Effect

The second effect adds one “HERO” from your deck to your hand. This ability adds consistency to your deck, and you will always have an effective monster in your hand.  You can set up your Fusions with this effect. You have a new HERO in your hand. Then, play Polymerization to fuse your heroes together into a powerful warrior! Elemental HERO Stratos

Furthermore, Elemental HERO Stratos has amazing synergy with every HERO deck due to this effect. You can search for Destiny Heroes, Elemental Heroes, and Evil Heroes! Consistency is the key to winning many games. You can summon Elemental HERO Stratos to grab an amazing HERO for you. Then, you can counter your opponent’s strategy.

Play these cards with Elemental HERO Stratos!
Fusion Summon!

Elemental HERO Stratos also has the wind attribute. He can be used as fusion material for Heroes who require monsters with a wind attribute. First, I activate one of his effects, and then I use him as fusion material. For example, play Mask Change to use Elemental HERO Stratos to Fusion Summon Masked HERO Divine Wind. That is one of my favorite combos in my deck.

Card Rating

Overall, Elemental HERO Stratos is one of my favorite Elemental Heroes. He will make a major impact in the meta. I strongly recommend playing three copies in every deck. His effects are amazing and can give you the advantage over the opposition. You can either destroy your opponent’s back row or add a HERO to your hand.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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