Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Elemental HERO Sunrise

Elemental HERO Sunrise


ATK/ 2,500 DEF/ 1,200

2 “HERO” monsters with different Attributes
Must be Fusion Summoned. Monsters you control gain 200 ATK for each different Attribute you control. You can only use each of the following effects of “Elemental HERO Sunrise” once per turn.
● If this card is Special Summoned: You can add 1 “Miracle Fusion” from your Deck to your hand.
● When an attack is declared involving another “HERO” monster you control: You can target 1 card on the field; destroy it.

Elemental HERO Sunrise gathers the attributes of his follow heroes to save the day! This red monster is another Fusion Monster for Elemental Heroes. He has two powerful effects to give a major advantage to you! Furthermore, his effects have amazing synergy with his fellow Elemental Heroes. Save the day with Elemental HERO Sunrise!

How to Summon Elemental HERO Sunrise!

Elemental HERO Sunrise requires two heroes with different attributes to summon him. You can easily meet this requirement. Heroes have many monsters with a variety of attributes. You should always be able to summon him. For example, play Polymerization to fuse Elemental HERO Neos and Elemental HERO Stratos to summon Elemental HERO Sunrise!

Summon Elemental HERO Sunrise with these Spell cards!
  • Miracle Fusion
  • Polymerization
First Effect

Elemental HERO Sunrise adds one copy of Miracle Fusion from your deck to your hand. This is an amazing skill to push to win a game or to have a backup plan. The strategy depends on the current state of the game. You may play Miracle Fusion to summon another Elemental HERO. You may save Miracle Fusion when you need to special summon a monster by using monsters in your graveyard as material.

Second Effect

Elemental HERO Sunrise has a destructive effect. He destroys one card on the field when an attack involves one of your other Heroes. You may declare an attack with a different HERO, and destroy a card on the field. This is an effective strategy for destroying powerful cards. For example, you may target and destroy your opponent strongest monster.

Furthermore, this is a strong defensive effect. It applies to your opponent as well. Your opponent triggers this effect when he or she declares an attack at one of your other Heroes! Then, you may destroy any card on the field. However, a wise opponent will attempt to destroy Elemental HERO Sunrise by a card’s effect or battle to remove the threat from the field.

Play these cards with Elemental HERO Sunrise!
Card Rating:

Overall, Elemental HERO Sunrise is a great Fusion Monster for HERO decks. His effects elevate the archetype to a new level. First, he adds Miracle Fusion from the deck to your hand. You may continue fusing monsters. Second, his next effect destroys your opponent’s cards! I recommend playing two or three copies of Elemental HERO Sunrise!

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