The Top 10 Cards in Seto Kaiba’s Deck

Seto Kaiba is one of the most iconic characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! He is a talented duelist and rich businessman with a gaming company. His company Kaiba Corp creates all of the virtual technology in the series. Seto Kaiba is famous for playing very broken cards with extremely powerful effects. These cards can be very unfair, and Kaiba quickly takes advantage of his newly obtained momentum. Some of his cards are so powerful that Konami has banned a few of the cards for long periods of time.

My list only includes real cards from the trading card game. Their effects may differ than the effects from the anime and movies. These cards are judged by their real effects and impact in the game’s history. However, I am not including exclusive cards in the anime. Those cards do not have any impact in the real game.

1. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Seto Kaiba’s best card is the powerful Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. The ultimate Fusion Monster can attack three times in a single turn. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon has the potential to defeat the opposition in a single turn. In addition, it is also a useful card in the graveyard. It protects your Blue-Eyes from your opponent’s effects!

In addition, Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon debuts Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. Kaiba plays Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to defeat a virtual version of Atem. His desire to defeat the real pharaoh grows stronger after the virtual game, and he challenges the real Yugi to a duel. However, Kaiba is unable to defeat the real Atem and Yugi in the movie’s final duel. Yugi once again wins the epic duel.

2. Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon

Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon is one of the strongest versions of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Opponents cannot target and destroy it by card effects. Its 4,000 ATK makes it very difficult to destroy by battle. Furthermore, opponents cannot hide from this powerful monster. Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon’s second effect deals piercing damage to monsters in defense position!

Seto Kaiba introduces Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon in his duel against Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. He briefly takes control over the match with his new card. However, Yugi never backs down from any monster. Yugi does the impossible and destroys Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon. He creates a powerful combo with his Magician Girls to special summon Dark Magician Girl! Then, Dark Magician Girl destroys Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon by battle!

3. Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon is a new version of the original Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This powerful card can instantly destroy an opponent’s monster. Its effect changes its name to the original card on the field and in the graveyard. Furthermore, you may use it as material to Fusion Summon Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. You may only use it for the Fusion Summon when it is on the field.

4. Deep-Eyes White Dragon

Seto Kaiba’s trump card is Deep-Eyes White Dragon. It is the perfect card for his Blue-Eyes deck. He special summons Deep-Eyes White Dragon from his hand after an opponent destroys one of his Blue-Eyes. Kaiba maintains a strong presence on the field with a powerful monster. Deep-Eyes White Dragon gains the ATK for any Dragon in Kaiba’s graveyard! For example, Deep-Eyes White Dragon’s ATK becomes 4,000 when its effect targets Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon in the graveyard.

5. Obelisk the Tormentor

Obelisk the Tormentor is the most terrifying card in Seto Kaiba’s deck. He is an all-powerful god, and towers over most monsters in the game. His intimidating physique sends fear in the hearts of his foes. Ishizu Ishtar gives Obelisk the Tormentor to Seto Kaiba. Unfortunately for Kaiba, he loses his god card after Yugi defeats him in the Battle City Semi-Finals.

6. Crush Card Virus

Crush Card Virus is one of the strongest cards from early Yu-Gi-Oh! Players play this card to weaken their opponent’s decks. First, it destroys all of the opponent’s monsters with 1,500 or more ATK from his or her field and hand. Then, the opponent sends three monsters with 1,500 or more ATK from the deck to the graveyard. Crush Card Virus creates a major swing of momentum, and Kaiba loves playing this card.

This card introduced in Seto Kaiba’s second duel against Yugi. He plays Crush Card Virus to dismantle Yugi’s deck. Seto Kaiba plays this card to crumble his opponents and disables their ability to play powerful monsters. Furthermore, it is a brilliant strategy and an overpowered card with the ability to destroy decks.

7. Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End

Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End has a special place in Yu-Gi-Oh!’s history. This almighty card dominated its format, and Konami banned this card for over a decade. The card is now legal after Konami changed its original effect. Seto Kaiba plays Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End in his duel against Zigfried von Schroeder. It plays a major role in Kaiba’s spectacular victory.

8. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon

Peaguas created the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon to counter the Egyptian God Cards. Then, Seto Kaiba receives the card after defeating Peagus in a duel. Seto prepares for a rematch against his rival Yugi. Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon provides a huge swig momentum in his favor, but the champion responses with the Dark Magician. However, his plans fall short and Yugi claims victory in another epic duel.

9. XYZ-Dragon Cannon

Many fans recognize Seto Kaiba for his Blue-Eyes monsters, but his deck includes a second archetype. He plays the XYZ archetype of machine monsters. Seto plays X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, and Z-Metal Tank. These three machines combine to form the XYZ-Dragon Cannon. Seto Kaiba often plays XYZ-Dragon Cannon early in his matches before summoning Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

10. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

My list would not be completed without the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It is Seto Kaiba’s signature monster. Blue-Eyes White Dragon was one of the best cards in the game’s early days. It has a high ATK and can easily destroy most monsters by battle. Furthermore, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is easy to special summon with Lord of D. and The Flute of Summoning Dragon. Players quickly summon their Blue-Eyes White Dragons to dominate their opponents.

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