Unit of The Week: King of Knights, Alfred (V Series)

King of Knights, Alfred

Gather before my Sword. Knights of the Light

[ACT](VC)[1/Turn]:COST [Counter Blast (1)], search your deck for up to one “Blaster Blade”, call it to (RC), and that unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn. Shuffle your deck.
[CONT](VC):During your turn, if you have “Blaster Blade” on your (RC), this unit gets [Power]+10000.

The king of the United Sanctuary has returned! King of Knights, Alfred is riding his favorite horse onto the battlefield. I do not like his new art. His pose is very weird with his arms and sword in the air. I do like his new skills. His skills have greatly changed, and focus on Blaster Blade. King of Knights, Alfred and Blaster Blade support each other’s skills.

Alfred first skill superior calls Blaster Blade from the deck, and Blaster Blade gains 5,000 power. This skill is more restrictive than Alfred’s original skill. Alfred’s original allowed players to superior call any unit at a higher price. I do not mind this change. Blaster Blade is a strong rear-guard with a lot of support. Blaster Blade may use his Burst Buster to eliminate an opponent’s rear-guard in the front row to clear King Alfred’s path.

Play these cards with King of Knights, Alfred!

Furthermore, King of Knights, Alfred has great chemistry with Little Sage, Marron. Calling Blaster Blade in the same column with Marron will trigger Marron’s skill. You may draw a card and Marron will gain 3,000. You will gain two cards and power to your rear-guards. Blaster Blade’s and Marron’s column will have 26,000 power!

Finally, King of Knights, Alfred’s second skill gives him 10,000 if Blaster Blade is on the field. This is easy to accomplish by using Alfred’s first skill. Alfred’s original skill granted him 2,000 for each of your rear-guards on the field, and you could not boost him. The new King of Knights, Alfred only needs Blaster Blade on the field to gain 10,000 power. You can also boost the new Alfred’s power to great heights.

Overall, King of Knights, Alfred is the most consistent VR card among the VR cards from Unite! Team Q4. Alfred only relies on Blaster Blade. A deck with a full set of Blaster Blade will be very consistent. You should be able to create many combos with Alfred and Blaster Blade every turn. The king has reclaimed his throne in vanguard!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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