The Best Villains in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball has introduced powerful villains with ill intentions. They threaten all life in the universe. Goku and his friends have battled the most fierce and dangerous villains in the universe. These evildoers have various goals. They share the common goal to defeat Goku.

I am listing the best villains in Dragon Ball. I am listing villains from the anime, manga, and video games. We will start from the best of the best to the very good.

1. Fused Zamasu (Goku Black & Future Zamasu)

Appearance: Dragon Ball Super

Fused Zamasu was the first religious villain in Dragon Ball, and he is the best villain in the series. Fused Zamasu was a disgraceful kai, who desired to recreate the universe in his image. He wanted humans to worship him, and he saw himself as justice. He disregarded humanity with little value due to war and violence.

Furthermore, many of Fused Zamasu’s techniques have religious themes. Some of his techniques were Barrier of Light, Blades of Judgment, and Holy Light Grenade. He gave these religious names because he believed himself to be holy.

The universe of Dragon Ball introduced Kais, and Kais are the gods of the universe. The majority of them were good gods. However, the image of Kais changed perspectives with the introduction of villainous Goku Black and Future Zamasu. They were the first evil Kais in the series. Fused Zamasu manipulated events in time to achieve his new level of power and attempted to destroy all life.

In addition, Fused Zamasu was the fusion of Goku Black and Future Zamasu. He was an evil and immortal kai. He gained immortality from Future Zamasu, but Goku Black was not immortals.

Fused Zamasu has a huge ego due to his position as a kai. He believed kais were superior to all life. He often belittled Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks because they were mortals.

2. Frieza

Appearance: Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super

The worst example of a role model would be Frieza. This intergalactic ruler is a cruel, despicable, and selfish person with arrogance. He is a murderer and racist. Frieza also has a huge ego because he greatly values his amazing level of strength.

Furthermore, Frieza  hascommitted some of the worst crimes in media. He commits genocides against races of people. He attempted to kill the majority of Saiyans and Namekians. Frieza came to Earth on two occasions to kill Goku, Goku’s family, and the entire population on Earth.

Frieza was also the first character to kill Vegeta. They had a battle with Frieza in control for the entire battle. He brutally beat Vegeta on the edge of death before Goku arrived at the battleground. Frieza killed Vegeta with a single death beam through Vegeta’s chest.

Frieza will kill men, women, and children without hesitation. For example, Frieza tried to kill Gohan on many occasions. His lack of compassion for children is poor character. He does not have any morals.

In addition, Frieza sees himself as the ultimate lifeform, and he thinks other races are below him. He makes racist comments about other people. He refers to Saiyans as Monkeys and Namekians as green people.

3. Cell

Appearance: Dragon Ball Z

Cell was Dr. Gero’s greatest creation. He was designed with the purpose to become the strongest warrior. He has cells of the Z Fighters, Frieza, and King Cold. These cells affected his personality, and the cells of Frieza influenced his evil persona.

Furthermore, Cell was the first villain with the ability to use techniques of major characters. He was a unique threat at the time in the series. Cell commonly used the Kamehameha and Solar Flare against his opponents.

Cell was the second character to kill Goku. He committed a rare feat that many villains have tried and failed. However, Cell only killed Goku because Goku sacrificed himself to prevent Cell from destroying the Earth.

Furthermore, Cell’s final form is an amazing design. He has an awesome, powerful, and elegant design. We took him seriously as a villain. He looked like a major threat, who could use many techniques in the series at that time.

4. Moro

Appearance: Dragon Ball Super

Moro is one of the darkest villains in Dragon Ball. Moro disregards the value of life, and he views himself above the gods. He only sees people as food for him.

Furthermore, Moro is a cruel and cunning manipulator. He uses his subjects for his goals, and he eliminates some of them after they complete their missions. He killed Cranberry after Cranberry restored Moro’s powers. Moro also manipulated Goku to give a senzu bean to him in a last effort to defeat Goku.

Moro has the ability to gain power, life energy, and the ability from people when he absorbs their energy and eats them. It is one of the darkest fatalities in Dragon Ball. Moro will absorb any person for power and their abilities, and he will also eat his henchman. Hence, Moro ate Seven-Three, and he gained Seven-Three’s ability to copy techniques and abilities.

5. King Piccolo

Appearance: Dragon Ball

The first major threat to Earth was King Piccolo. The lost Namekian and the evil half of Kami nearly conquered the Earth. King Piccolo is a cold, ruthless, and vile villain who desires power.

Furthermore, King Piccolo struck fear in the hearts of his enemies. He killed Chiaotzu to ensure his wish for youth from Shenron. He also defeated Goku in their first battle.

King Piccolo and Goku clashed in an epic rematch for the fate of the world. This battle impacted the series. Goku defeated King Piccolo and his victory led to King Piccolo creating Piccolo as his final act.

6. Cooler


Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge & The Return of Cooler

Cooler is the older brother of Frieza. He is the more dangerous brother of the two. He is a vile elitist with the desire to rule the universe. Cooler has the same techniques as Frieza. He enjoys firing his death beam at enemies.

Cooler has a different leadership style than Frieza. He is a calm and respectful leader. Cooler earned the respect of his soldiers. He shows respect to his soldiers.

Furthermore, Cooler takes action and trains his body. He participates in combat instead of solely relying  on soldiers. He reached the fifth form for a new level of power.

Despite his feelings toward his brother, Cooler sought revenge against Goku. He tried to defeat Goku in an epic battle on Earth. Cooler gained control of the fight after he revealed his next transformation, but Goku turned the tide after transforming into a Super Saiyan.

7. Garlic Jr.

Appearances: Dragon Ball Z

Never judge a villain by his first appearance in Dragon Ball. Major characters always have transformations with their true power. Garlic Jr. is the poster boy for this trend in Dragon Ball. He was a powerful demon, and he was the first villain to gain immortality from the Dragon Balls.

Garlic Jr. has a sadistic and cruel personality. He enjoyed watching other people’s pain. He smiled with pure joy when seeing Kami and Piccolo suffer due to Kami’s dangerous journey in the deep parts of the lookout.

Furthermore, Garlic Jr. was one of the biggest threats in Dragon Ball Z. He was the first villain with immortality. Goku and his friends could not easily kill him. Garlic Jr. easily survived deadly attacks from Gohan and Piccolo during their final confrontation.

8. The Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force

Appearances: Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super

The Ginyu Force is Frieza’s special forces of elite warriors. The team consists of five powerful warriors with unique abilities. They are Captain Ginyu, Burter, Guldo, Jeice, and Recoome. They love doing poses for their introductions, and they enjoy tasty sweets.

Each member of the Ginyu Force has special abilities. Captain Ginyu can change bodies with enemies. Jeice is fighter with balanced abilities. Burter is a speedster.  Recoome has high durability and immense strength. Guldo has psychic abilities and the ability to stop time.

The Ginyu Force battled Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku on Namek. They had some of the best and most exciting fights in the Frieza Saga. Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta struggled against Frieza’s special forces. Goku turned the tide upon his arrival.

Furthermore, Captain Ginyu would briefly return in Dragon Ball Super. He stole Tagoma’s body with his special ability. Captain Ginyu dominated the Z Fighters with ease. The leader of the Ginyu Force would meet his demise at the hands of Vegeta.

9. Baby

Appearance: Dragon Ball GT

One of the few highlights of Dragon Ball GT is Baby. He was one of the best villains in his series. Baby was an genetically engineered lifeform and the last member of the Tuffles. He has the unique ability to control other people and he used some people such as Vegeta as a host.

Baby’s goals were reviving the Tuffles and killing the Saiyan race. He nearly fulfilled his desires of vengeance. He took control of Earth’s citizens and many Z-fighters.

In addition, Baby became Baby Vegeta after he processed the prince of all Saiyans. This body would be his ultimate form. It was iconic for Baby to live in Vegeta because he hated Saiyans.

Furthermore, Baby Vegeta has an awesome design for a villain. His white hair and armor fit the look of royalty. The red marks on his face symbolized Baby’s control of Vegeta.

10. Android 21

Appearance: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21 is the main antagonist in Dragon Ball FighterZ. She is the first female to be a main antagonist in the series. Android 21 is one of the best villains from the Dragon Ball video games. She is the perfect combination of beauty, power, and intelligence. Her power and intelligence make a dangerous villain her.

Android 21 has the cells of Buu in her unique design. She has two personalities and the evil side is the most dangerous one. Android 21 has a strong hunger for food from her cells of Buu. She eats her victims after she defeats in them battle

Furthermore, Android 21’s goals are eating her victims and conquering the universe. Her superior strength and intellect provide major advantages to her in combat. She also uses her ability of the Connoisseur Cut to copy her opponent’s techniques.

The Final Word:

Many of my favorite villains are characters from Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama created fantastic villains with vile intentions. They also serve a purpose in the lore of Dragon Ball.

My list of the best villains in Dragon Ball may not include your favorite villains. You may have a different opinion on the topic. Please share your list of the best villains from Dragon Ball in the comments.

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