The Apostles Part 2 – The Original Aqua Force

The history of the Aqua Force has been briefly referenced in the original anime and lore. It was a missing clan, and only a few individuals remember the history of the clan’s disappearance. Leon Soryu was able to bring the clan to present times. Leon said the Aqua Force was Cray’s most powerful clan and his nation lost its high position in the world after the Aqua Force’s mysterious disappearance.

Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos is the founder of the Absolute Justice Armada, Aqua Force. His appearance is of a tall marine with gray hair, but his true form is a tear dragon larger than Maelstrom. He considers his naval unit as the most powerful version of the legendary navy, and the modern Aqua Force pales in comparison. He first led the original Aqua Force against Gyze. His original intent was to destroy the god of destruction, but experienced an empathy after losing his eye to Gyze’s counter attack. In his view, Gyze’s desires shall be carried forward. Then, he serves his new god of destruction, and becomes one of the three original apostles. He brayed the original Planet Cray Alliance Army. He dedicates his life to his god, Lord Gyze. He led the Blue Waves with his fellow apostles against planet Cray and the Messiah.

An epic battle changed history forever. No one will ever forget this battle. The Messiah and Gyze were battling with the universe’s faith on the line. Blazing Sword, Fides a supporter of the Messiah clashed with Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos in a decisive battle. This battle turned the war in Messiah’s favor. Valeos is defeated by the legendary holy sword Fides. The first holy sword is the only weapon able to harm Gyze. It seals Gyze, Blue Wave, and Valeos. Messiah won the war, and peace slowly returned to Cray.

The Modern Day Aqua Force

Aqua Force became a legend over the years. No one has seen the clan in years. One day the clan’s fate would forever change. Leon from seeks to return his people’s nation and former clan to their past glory. The Void agreed to free the Aqua Force in exchange for Leon’s servitude. The world witnesses the return of the Aqua Force. Maelstrom and Leon helped the Void unleash chaos on the Planet Cray. The Void is slowly turning Cray into a wasteland. Aichi and Blond Ezel challenges Leon to a card fight to determine the fate of both worlds. Aichi rides Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel to gain the advantage and he defeats Leon.

Aichi’s victory frees Cray’s leaders from the Void. Leon has a change of heart. Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark, Ezel, and Dragonic Overlord fought back to save their planet from destruction. Maelstrom saw the light from Blaster Blade. He joined Ezel and Blaster Blade in their battle against the Void. Since then, the Aqua Force returns to being a peaceful clan to protect Cray. Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom  holds the title of admiral. Thavas rises in the ranks to become one of Aqua Force’s leaders.

The Glory of Maelstorm

Maelstorm is Aqua Force’s current admiral. He wants to atone for his sins from his former alliance with the Void and being reversed by Link Joker. He currently protects Planet Cray and its citizens with Cray’s elite navy. The Aqua Force begins to turn away from its dark past under Valeos and the Void. Malestorm has taken Thavas under his wing. He is training the young admiral to be Aqua Force’s future leader. He sees great possibilities in Thavas’s future.

Then, Aqua Force’s founder has returned and launched an assault on the United Sanctuary. Maelstrom rushed into to action. He creates an alliance with the United Sanctuary to defeat the Blue Wave navy under Valeos and the Star-vaders. Blaster-Blade and Maelstorm have started their counter attack against the Blue Wave navy and Star-vaders. Maelstrom made a wise decision to call his ally Cray’s greatest hero to join their fight. Their combined powers will give trouble to any foe in their path.

The Future Has Arrived!

Thavas is the first Aquaroid to hold the title of Admiral. He possesses powers far beyond the average soldier. Maelstrom has taken Thavas under his guidance to become the leader for Aqua Force. Thavas is from the lost numbers of experimental soldiers. These lost numbers exceeded their creators’ expectations, and their creators feared the lost numbers would rebel against the clan. Thavas has proven his loyalty to his clan, and keeps his origins a secret from his allies. There is a good possibility that Maelstrom knows the truth behind Thavas. Thavas is currently battling the Aqua Force’s founder alongside Maelstrom. Can these two brave heroes defeat the founder of their clan?

Broken Seal and The Return of Valeos

Chrono Shindou’s connection to Cray created a link between both worlds. This gateway allows unites to ride into their human players. Gyze’s apostles quickly took advantage of the opportunity to revive their sealed God. First, Evil God Bishop Gastille sees his moment to act on his plan to revive Gyze. He first breaks the seal that held Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos and his Blue Wave navy. Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos quickly takes action. Soon Chaos Breaker Dragon joins the apostles in a major alliance to swing the war in the apostles’ favor.

Valeos has taken the war to both wars. He has diffriden Ruuga Kaizu on Earth to search and destroy Fides, and he is leading Absolute Justice Armada’s attack on Cray. His goal is to destroy Fides to prevent it from stopping Gyze’s revival. The original Aqua Force, Blue Wave invades the United Sanctuary with the Star-vaders under Chaos Breaker Dragon. Epic battles against Malestorm and Blaster Blade are going to take place. These battles may decide the fate of both worlds.

Valeos encounters Altmile and Shion Kiba in both worlds. He seeks out Shion to destroy Fides. He crushes Shion in their first card fight. He looks down upon the young Altmile. He sees the young Royal Paladin as a weak warrior and not worthy to be in his sight. Valeos summons Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo, and the Zeroth Dragon destroys the legendary sword. However, Shion and Altmile return with newfound strength. They are determined to stop the founder of the Aqua Force. They revive Fides and defeats Valeos.

Aqua Force’s Future

Valeos is currently on Cray after his defeat to Shion. He will most likely confront the modern Aqua Force. A battle between Maelstrom and Valeos could be on the horizon. Valeos has not revealed his true form. He is actually a huge tear dragon. He may return to Earth before Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z ends. The climax must end with an amazing conclusion. Only one question remains to be answered. Who will lead the Aqua Force after this conflict is resolved? This is Thavas’s moment to shine above his comrades. Maelstrom never wanted to be the clan’s admiral, and could past the title to Thavas.

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