The 10 Sexiest Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! is known for having really beautiful cards. The most popular artworks are from sexy female monsters. Dark Magician Girl was the first card to bring sexy to Yu-Gi-Oh!, and she set the standard for all female monsters. Then, many more beautiful arts for female monsters have been released. She was the first female card that I really wanted to play.

I am looking for the total package from every card. The women on this list are assertive, beautiful, confident, and strong. Do not underestimate some of these ladies because of their beauty. A few of these ladies are really good cards. I also play a few of these cards in my decks for fun.

1. Dark Magician Girl

ATK/2,000  DEF/1,700

Dark Magician Girl quickly became a fan favorite card in her debut. Dark Magician Girl is one of Yugi’s signature cards. She makes many appearances from season two to season five. She is Dark Magician’s apprentice. Her signature attack is Dark Burning Attack.

The artwork above is from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack, and it is her only uncensored artwork in English. All of her other artworks are censored in the English Edition. Konami reduces Dark Magician Girl’s bust in those cards. However, they left this Dark Magician Girl untouched for players. This is also the only artwork that I do not have in my collection and deck.

2. Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight

ATK/2,600  DEF/1,700

Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight is a fusion of Dark Magician Girl and The Eye of Timaeus. Dark Magician Girl’s and Timaeus’s facial expressions show they are ready for a battle. She is a much better card than her previous version. She has more attacks, and a more useful effect.

3. Valkyrie Brunhilde

ATK/1,800  DEF/2,000

Valkyrie Brunhilde is one of my favorite artworks from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series. She is charging into battle on her white horse. We waited nearly twenty years to finally have this card created for the trading card game. Her effect is better than her original effect from the anime. She is a dual threat with offensive and defensive skills.

4. Vampire Vamp

ATK/2,000  DEF/2,000

I doubt you have seen a more beautiful zombie than Vampire Vamp. Her effects relate to a vampire. Vampire Vamp’s mesmerizing gaze lures your opponent’s monsters, and equips them to herself. She gains their attack points as she sucks their blood! There is no escape from Vampire Vamp after her gaze captures you.

5. Chocolate Magician Girl

ATK/1,600  DEF/1,000

Chocolate Magician Girl is one of the best cards on the list. She brings the sexy to Dark Magician decks, and her skill is very useful. I enjoy using her skill to discard Dark Magician of chaos, and then special summon Dark Magician of Chaos from the graveyard. These two cards are the perfect pair. They are one of my favorite combos.

6. Summon Sorceress

ATK/2,400  Link 3

Summon Sorceress is the best card on this list. Her artwork is perfect. It looks as if she is coming out of the card. Her effect is also very good. She is perfect in both artwork and effects!

7. Apple Magician Girl

ATK/1,200  DEF/800

Yugi started his comeback against Kaiba with Apple Magician Girl. Yugi challenged Kaiba with fruit, and Kaiba underestimated Apple Magician Girl. She is the first Magician Girl to appear in their duel, and starts the chain of events to Yugi’s victory. Fire is the perfect attribute for her because she is hot. Her animation in the movie is sexier than her card’s artwork!

8. Lemon Magician Girl

ATK/800  DEF/600

Lemon Magician Girl looks so sweet! She may be weak, but her effects pack a punch. She can special summon Dark Magician Girl from your hand to the field! Then, you will have more beautiful Magician Girls on your field!

9. High Priestess of Prophecy

ATK/2,500  DEF/2,100

High Priestess of Prophecy is one of my favorite cards in my Spellbooks deck. She was a very popular card when she was first released in the TCG. She received a rarity bump in the English Edition like many Spellbook and Prophecy cards. This led to Spellbooks being a very expensive deck in 2013. She is a super rare in Japan, and a secret rare in the English Edition. Her high rarity led to her being valued as high as $100 in her prime.

10. Chaos Goddess

ATK/ 2,5000  DEF/1,800

Chaos Goddess is one of the most beautiful cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! She is also one of the rares cards on the list. She was only printed as a secret rare card from The Shining Darkness. Unfortunately, she is very difficult to Synrcho Summon, and this reason is why she never became a popular card in top decks.

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