The 10 Sexiest Superheroines from DC Comics

Superheroines from DC Comics are known for being brave, strong, and sexy. They deliver justice to project the weak and innocent. These heroines pack a punch. Evildoers beware these superheroines are going to bring you to justice. DC Comics have some of the sexiest superheroines in comics.

Many comic readers first think of superheroines from DC Comics when thinking about sexy superheroines. DC Comics create sexy designs and costumes for their female characters. Their characters pop on comic book pages. They show a lot of more skin than superheroines from Marvel. DC Comics’s superheroines are more popular than many superheroines from Marvel.

I am ranking the ten sexiest superheroines from DC Comics. I am judging these characters based on costume, personality, physical appearance, and story. It was not easy making this list, but I finally decided the the top ten superheroines for the list. If your top ten are different than my list, then please share your opinion in the comments. I am looking forward to reading everyone’s responses.

1. Supergirl


Supergirl is the last daughter of Krypton. Her long blond hair, face of an angel, and costume place her on the top of the list. She is Superman’s cousin, and her costume is based on his costume’s design. Supergirl’s superpowers are flight, super speed, and super strength. She is one of the most powerful members of the Justice League.

Furthermore, Supergirl’s status has risen in recent years with Melissa Benoist playing the girl of steel. Melissa Benoist is one of the most talented women to play a live action superheroine. Her gorgeous smile brings life and energy to Supergirl. She has elevated the character’s popularity in mainstream media. I think fans will think of Melissa Benoist when they reflect on Supergirl’s legacy.

2. Power Girl

Power Girl is a mature Supergirl from Earth-2. She made her first appearance in All Star Comics #58. Power Girl is one of the most popular superheroines in the Justice League. She is known for her costume with an opened window. Her sexy costume and mature attitude are an attractive combination.

Power Girl has the same power as Supergirl and Superman. She is a better fighter than Supergirl. She has more experienced in combat and her powers. Power Girl’s maturity gives her an advantage while Supergirl’s immaturity can be a disadvantage to her. In addition, Power Girl is more muscular than Supergirl, and could mean she is also stronger than her teenage counterpart.

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most popular superheroines. She debuted in in All Star Comics #8 in October 1941. Her superpowers are flight, healing, super speed, and super strength. Wonder Woman also has the Lasso of Truth to bind her enemies. She is one of the founding members of the Justice League. She has saved the world from the most dangerous villains in history.

Wonder Woman is the perfect woman. Wonder Woman is beautiful, brave, passionate, and strong. Also, brunettes are always the best women to date! She has romances with Batman and Superman in different adaptations of the franchise. My favorite romance from Wonder Woman’s story is her romance with Batman.

4. Starfire

Starfire is an alien from Tamaran and a member of the Teen Titans. She is widely considered one of the sexiest women in comics. Her revealing costumes, beautiful face, and fit body earn her the fourth spot on the list. She has a romantic relationship with Dick Greyson in many adaptations of the Teen Titans. They also have a daughter named Nightstar.

Starfire’s physiology absorbs ultraviolet radiation. This radiation is converted into pure energy that fuels her special abilities. She is able to fly, has super strength, and can fire starbolts from her hands. These powers make her the strongest member of the Teen Titans. She can overcome almost any peril and save the day.

5. Wonder Girl – Cassie Sandsmark

Wonder Girl began her life as an ordinary girl named Cassie Sandsmark. Her life took a sharp turn when she became friends with Wonder Woman. Cassie askd Zesus to give her superpowers, and he fulfilled her desires to become a great warrior. She is now a demigod like Wonder Woman, and dawns the name Wonder Girl. Then, she becomes a member of the Teen Titans.

Wonder Girl’s superpowers are the same as Wonder Woman. She has the superpowers of superhuman durability, superhuman speed, and superhuman strength. Wonder Girl is also experienced in hand-to-hand combat. She is a great ally to have on the battlefield. She can battle nearly any villain.

Her best superpower for this list is immortality. Immortality in the DC Universe means a person cannot die by aging, and the person also stops aging. Wonder Girl will always maintain her sexy body. She looks amazing in her costume in the New 52. Wonder Girl will be beautiful inside and out until the end of time.

6. Black Canary – Dinah Laurel Lance

Black Canary is one of the most fascinating superheroines in DC Comics. Her mother is the original heroine with the same name and powers. Dinah inherited her mother’s canary cry. Then, she was trained by Wild Cat when she was nineteen. Her superpower is the canary cry. It is an ultrasonic vibration, and it can cause serious damage to villains. She has also mastered Boxing, Judo, and kung fu.

Furthermore, fans adore her sexy and black costume. Many readers first notice her fishnets from her costume. They stand out and add flare to her character. Black is also the perfect color for her costume. It gives her stealth in dark places, and it matches her fishnets.

7. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Batgirl is one of the most popular superheroines from DC comics. Many women have worn the famous costume, but I am only focusing on Barbara Gordon. She is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. Batgirl has helped Batman and Robin save Gotham city from the world’s most dangerous super villains such as the Joker. She joins the Justice League with her comrades.

Batgirl does not have superpowers, but has a variety of gadgets and weapons. She is a trained martial artist, and she uses firearms in combat. Batgirl has also learned hypnosis. Her skills and weapons make her a formidable superheroine. There is nothing she is unable to accomplish.

8. Stargirl

Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore is the heroine Stargirl. She is carrying Starman’s legacy with the Cosmic Converter Belt and Cosmic Rod. Stargirl is a current member of the Justice League. In addition, Star Girl is more careless with her secret identity more than any other superhero. Many friends and some villains know Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore is Star Girl.

Stargirl’s powers come from the Cosmic Converter Belt and Cosmic Rod. The Cosmic Rod enhances her abilities such as agility, durability, speed, stamina, and strength. It also gives her the ability to create star blasts. The Cosmic Rod gives Stargirl the ability to fly. She can also create an energy shield and energy blasts with her rod.

9. Nightstar

Nightstar is Nightwing’s and Starfire’s daughter in an alternate universe. She continues her family’s legacy in crime fighting. Her name comes from her father’s second superheroine name Nightwing and her mother’s name. Nightstar’s costume closely resembles Starfire’s costume. She is a member of Batman’s team Outsiders and the Teen Titans.

Nightstar shares powers and abilities from her parents. She has the same powers as her mother. She can fly and shot energy from her hands. Nightstar also has super strength and good combat skills. She is one of the most formidable superheroines in her universe.

10. Huntress


Huntress is one of two superheroines without superpowers on this list. Helena Bertinelli was born in the mafia, and became a vigilante. She is one of the most hardcore superheroes. Huntress uses brutal methods to defeat villains. She is an expert marksman and skilled in hang-to-hand combat. Huntress is a member of the Birds of Prey and Justice League

Furthermore, Huntress is one of the sexiest superheroines from DC Comics because of her attitude, body, and costume. She is tall and physically fit. All superheroines need to be well-conditioned for the job. She uses nearly any means necessary to defeat criminals, but she only uses non-lethal methods. She has one of the sexiest costumes in comics.

The Final Word

Overall, my favorite superheroines from comics are characters from DC Comics. They have the best written and designed superheroines. Supergirl, Power Girl, and Wonder Woman are legends are in comics. What do you think of my list? Do you agree or disagree with my picks? Let me know your opinions in the comments.

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