News! Extra Booster 11: Requim at Dusk & Extra Booster 12: Waltz of the Goddess

Bushiroad has announced two upcoming extra booster sets! Extra Booster 11: Requim at Dusk features Ren’s Shadow Paladins. More importantly it will provide additional support for the Revenger archetype. Extra Booster 12: Waltz of the Goddess features Misaki’s soul blasting Genesis units! EB12 will include additional support for the Regalia archetype. Both sets will also introduce new archetypes! EB11 will introduce a new Shadow Paladin archetype Jet-Black Witch, and EB12 will introduce Snow-White Witches for Genesis!

EB11 and EB12 are set to be released in Japan on June 20th, 2014! Each set will feature 35 cards, 25 new cards, and 10 reprints. They will also include two Legion Rare cards! Revengers may also have a new boss unit who appears to be Phantom Blaster Dragon. If this is true, then Blaster Dark Revenger will probability be Phantom Blaster Dragon’s mate. Blaster Dark Revenger may be slightly modified with the Legion marker to be similar to Blaster Blade Seeker.


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