Get Free Trading Cards with Points2Shop!

Photo by me, not to be posted elsewhere without my permission!

Reward programs are great for budget players to purchase more cards! Using reward programs is a fun and free way to get cards for free! My card game collection has grown because I take advantage of trustworthy reward programs.

Points2Shop is a great program for budget players. You can quickly earn points and cash by watching videos, completing surveys, referring members, and doing the daily scoop! You will reach new membership status with more points and gain access to more free offers for more points! You can save up points for booster packs, singles, starter decks, and trial decks! Points2Shop will purchase the items through Amazon and you will select which store, you want to be the items from! See the picture above! Those cards were pulled from booster packs, I purchased through Points2Shop.

Click the banner below to start earning points and free cards from Points2Shop. You won’t regret it!

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