Make DBZ TCG Great Again

Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game is the most successful trading card game for an anime. It was one of the most popular trading card games in the early 2000s. Most trading card games have animes based on the games to advertise upcoming products, but DBZ TCG is based on the anime. The anime’s success in America lead to the original game’s rise to glory. I am surprised at Panini America handling of the game’s promotions. Panini America has done a horrible job at promoting the game. Promotions have been limited to the official Facebook page and blog. The game needs better promotion for its longevity.

1. Reach Out To The Entire Dragon Ball Community

Panini America has only advertised the game to the original game’s players. They have failed to capitalize on the entire Dragon Ball community. It is one of the largest communities. Panini America is missing out on many potential players. They should have known veterans would have returned to the game without the need to only target them. Players from the retro game are majority of players. Their past promotions should have invited new and old players to the new game.

2. Make An Official YouTube Channel

Major trading card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering have YouTube channels for advertising the game and teaching the game’s basic mechanics. YouTube is the most watched website. It is the perfect website to promote a trading card game. I have met players at my locals and they think DragonBall Z Trading Card Game appears to be too complex. Panini America should consider making tutorials on how to play the game at a basic level. Players may be attracted to the game after seeing the game’s simple mechanics.

Panini America can also live-stream tournaments on YouTube and Facebook. It will expose players to the community. Panini America can show the best games at the tournament, interviews with players, and advertise upcoming events. I have watched tournaments live from Yu-Gi-Oh!’s live events. Europe’s commentators are the best to watch in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Panini America can get the best speakers on the game to commentate matches. I want to listen to entertaining and well-informed commentators. They can elevate a viewer’s experience.

3. Support YouTube Channels

YouTube channels such as  Manabeast and RandomNumberGaming are keeping this game alive. These channels are spreading information on the game. Their channels feature real games from casual game shops and official tournaments. Their videos are exactly what Panini America needs for an official YouTube channel. Every video about the game is free advertisement for DBZ TCG. It exposes the game to players worldwide.

4. Advertise With Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super has finally been confirmed to be released in English. This is the perfect opportunity to advertise the trading card game. Dragon Ball Super will be watched by long time fans and will lure in new fans to the Dragon Ball series. Many fans will learn about the game’s epic revival. This is one promotion that Panini America cannot forget.

The Final Word

Panini America has a long way to go to promote Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game. They are falling behind the competition. They need to improve with communication to current players and potential players. They are years behind in their current methods to promote the game. It is very bad to lose a player and not gain a new paying customer. Yu-Gi-Oh! can afford losing players because they will gain more players through good advertising. Please Panini America improve this game’s current promotions because I want DragonBall Z Trading Card Game to once again be as big or bigger than its predecessor.

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