Starter Deck Review: World Games Saga Starter Deck

The World Games Saga was the fourth booster set to include starter decks. This booster set features the Other World Tournament, The Great Saiyaman, and World Tournament sagas. The World Games Saga booster set introduced Sensei Cards. These cards were very popular among players because they enable players to play DBZ CCG’s version of a side deck. The main personality from the starter decks are Gohan, Goku, Goten, Kid Trunks, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Videl.

World Games Saga Starter Deck Includes:
  • Three Main Personality Cards
  • One High Tech Personality Card
  • A Fifty Card Deck
  • A Rule Book
  • One Anger Sword
  • One Z Scouter
  • One Playmat
The Great Saiyaman

I pulled a Gohan personality set. His level one and level two cards feature him as The Great Saiyaman! This set of Gohan looks to be very fun. However, Gohan is nowhere near the competitive Broly deck from the retro version. Krillin The Father is also included in the starter deck. He is an ally that may be played alongside Gohan.

Gohan’s skills focus on gathering allies. Vidal is required to maximize all his skills.. This limitation is a problem because you can only find her in a starter deck. You have a one in seven chance of getting a copy of Videl. Score wanted players to buy many starter decks. This was a cheap method for Score to grab more case from players. Krillin is the only ally available in the starter deck to play with Gohan until you can add Videl.

Foil Personality, Rare Card, and Sensei Deck

My foil card was Grand Kai and the rare was North Kai’s Sensei Card. I was surprised to get a foil level 1 Grand Kai. It is selling for about $5 on Ebay. He is a nice Ally to add to my deck. Grand Kai has a Constant Combat Power. All of your attacks deal 1+ power stages of damage.

Sensei Decks are side decks for DBZ CCG. Most card games do not have requirements to have a side deck. However, DBZ CCG had a creative approach. You need a Sensei Card to have an extra deck. I can play immediately North Kai in a deck. He is a great Sensei Card. He has a large Sensei Deck of 13 cards.

Make Your Own Deck

Score’s starter decks’ theme was to make your own deck. This theme would be obsolete after Masteries were introduced in the Trunks Saga booster set. Players declare Tokui-Waza to gain an advantage and have consistency. Starter decks at this point should be about a particular style. Gohan is a Saiyan. A Saiyan mastery or Namekian mastery would be appropriate to have in the starter deck. Panini America fixed this problem in the modern game’s second set of starter decks. Panini America’s starter decks include a character with a mastery and playable deck.

The Final Word

The World Games Saga starter deck is an deck for collectors and hardcore players. I am happy with my cards from the World Games Saga Starter deck. Gohan is a decent personality for an ally deck. His skills focus around Vidal and allies. I need to find a level one card of Videl from an online store or take a chance with a starter deck. My best option is to order a single card instead of taking the gamble. It was pure luck to have North Kai and a foil Grand Kai in the same starter deck. They are nice additions to my collection.

Panini America has improved the modern version of the game with better starter decks. They have corrected most of Score’s mistakes. Starter Decks have completed decks and a Mastery. Panini America needs to include the anger sword and Z-Scouter in future starter decks. They are only two components missing from the modern game’s products.

Starter Deck Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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