Three Reasons Why Panini Should Make DBZ Structure Decks

Panini America’s first starter deck was very similar to Score’s formula. Each starter deck included one character, but the deck was not divided into Heroes and Villains versions. You could get either a Hero or a Villain character. Following Score’s formula was one of the Panini America’s first mistakes. I understand they were aiming for the original game’s charm. However, randomness was one of the original game’s bad spots.

Structure decks are more defined and give players the basic tools to play a deck. Panini America can take some notes from Konami and Bushiroad. Yu-Gi-Oh! has many structure decks. They are ready to play out of the box. You only need to buy three to make a complete deck that can compete. Cardfight!! Vanguard’s trial decks are very similar in what they offer. Its trial decks include one clan, two copies of staple cards, and basic cards to make a deck with your chosen clan.

No More Random Personality Pulls!

Score’s starter decks included a random main personality set, and Panini America has continued this horrible tradition. This is how Score suckered kids into buy the same starter deck multiple times to get their favorite character. If you did not get the character that you wanted, then you had to buy another starter deck. I bought a lot of Saiyan Saga Villain starter decks when I was a kid, and I always got Nappa in every starter deck until I finally opened a starter deck last year. This is very annoying for any player. You don’t know what you are actually buying.

Structure Deck eliminates this problem. We would know exactly which deck we are buying. You can buy a Piccolo themed deck. You can buy a Saiyan Style Goku deck. You would no longer need to worry about pulling your least desired character from a starter deck. If you are looking for a particular style, then you can buy the style’s structure deck with one character and buy another structure deck with the character that you want to play.

Exclusive Cards For Each Main Personality

Starter decks have exclusive cards for each style, but none for main personalities. They become bland with the same cards. Structure decks would give Panini America the prime opportunity to make a good name cards for each character. It would only make sense for them to make named cards because every structure is based on a particular character. Starter Decks lack named cards for each main personality. It will make each structure deck unique. Characters will be more appealing with an exclusive named card in a structure deck.

Tournament Ready Decks

My starter deck had Piccolo and the Namekian Mastery. However, the deck included cards from every style. That’s not a tournament legal starter deck. I must replace the non-Namekian style cards with Namekian, free style, and named cards. It is more like a bundle of new cards instead of an actual deck. Tournament legal needs must play one style and cannot include any other style cards within the deck.

A structure deck easily fixes this problem. The deck would be legal to play in a tournament without making changes to legalize a deck. It would provide only one style for the deck to be playable out of the box. Free style and named cards can be added to spice up the deck. You can just edit your deck from there by changing the main personality and cards.

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