Impact Man Makes A Huge Impact in Mega Man 11!

The next robot master in Mega Man 11 is Impact Man. Capcom reveals Impact Man’s move set and weapons in the newest preview. He has jack hammers for arms and spikes to substitute for hands. He dashes at Mega Man with his two large spikes at the end of his arms. Like Block Man, Impact Man transforms into a larger and stronger robot. I am sure his attacks in this form deal a lot of more damage.

His special weapon is the Pile Driver! Mega Man is given his own spike. Mega Man dashes forward with his spike to deal damage, and can dash further with the Double Gear System!

Impact Man joins a list of eight new robot masters! Block Man, Fuse Man, Blast Man, Torch Man, and Impact Man have been revealed for Mega Man 11, and three robot masters remain to be revealed. Impact Man is my second favorite robot master after Torch Man from the previews. The new robot masters have the most advanced battles in the classic series.

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