Goals and Plans for Awesome Card Games in 2016!

2015 was a good year for me on YouTube. I first bought an Iphone to be able to shoot videos on my own. I relied on my best friend to shoot videos. We were only able to shoot videos when he was in town. I needed my own camera to record videos on a consistent bases. I had my best year in terms of views and I accomplished most of my goals for the year. I had 15,753 views in 2015. I updated my channel with new videos every month. Real life games were added to the channel’s list of featured content. It started off shaky at first with a bad tripod that was too short to get a good view. I later upgraded to a much better tripod to use for all my videos. However, interaction with viewers greatly declined last year.

More Deck Profiles

I only uploaded four deck profiles in 2015. That was when I did not have a great job, and I now have a better job with a higher salary. I can afford to make more decks this year. My Seekers deck is nearly complete and I will be ordering the remaining key cards this Friday. There are a few DragonBall Z Decks that I would like to complete as well for future deck profiles. Blue Tag Team Goku, Captain Ginyu, and Frieza are the three decks that will most likely be completed this year. I also have plenty of Namekian cards so I may also make a deck for Piccolo Last year I did not complete my Lightsworn deck. However, it is still on the list of projects to complete for this year. It should be completed during the spring or early summer.

UFS – Universal Fighting System

I noticed UFS in 2013 and did not touch it at the time. I already had Cardfight!! Vanguard and Yu-Gi-Oh! on my plate. Now I have more time and money to put into more trading games. DragonBall Z CCG/TCG and MegaMan NT Warrior TCG were added to my blog and YouTube channel in the past two years. This year UFS has been added on the channel to feature MegaMan, Dr. Wily, ProtoMan, and all the Robot Masters! The game is one of the most complicated trading card games. I will need some time to learn all the rules before I put my deck in the UFS’s ring.

MegaMan Discussion Videos

I have always wanted to make discussion videos and theory videos about the MegaMan series. There are a lot of topics that have not been discussed by the community. MegaMan NT Warrior is one of my favorite animes. I am thinking about starting a plot hole series on the show. There are some major issues with some parts in the story. Lan’s and MegaMan.EXE’s first battle against Dr. Regal has the biggest plot hole in the entire animated series.

There is a lot of potential for theories on the MegaMan video games. Many fans question what happen between the Classic series and the X series. Capcom has left us some clues. Not all of the clues have been discussed in the community. I have speculated Dr. Wily’s and Dr. Weil’s connection with Zero. They clearly have some sort of connection, but they are clearly different characters.

Gain 20,000 Views and Reach 200 Subscribers

I am aiming at 20,000 views for a personal best in a year and 200 subscribers by the end of the year.Last year I gained a little less than 16,000 views. That is not a lot of views these days on YouTube. Awesome Card Game is a small channel so I need to take small steps to get where I want to go. My channel has increased its yearly views every year. I spend a lot of time promoting my videos on social media outlets. Progress is my ultimate goal to help my channel grow every year in views and subscriptions.

Custom Blog Layout

I have been considering getting a custom layout for my blog. The logo is just fine in my opinion. I want the site to standout as the white background is very boring. My plan is to order custom graphics to make the site look more professional and catch people’s interest. Looks always matter for websites. Not too many people will look twice at a website that appears to be outdated.

The Final Word

I want Awesome Card Games to reach the next level and gain a larger fan base. There is a handful of loyal followers. I want to create a community to discuss trading card games and the MegaMan franchise. It will take a lot of hard work and determination to continue my channel’s growth. I’m definitely excited to see the what the future has for Awesome Card Games. Let’s make 2016 a great year!

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