What Are The Terms of A Trading Card Game?

Last weekend I experienced a real life version of Kazuma Shouji. He was playing an Aqua Force deck and I was playing Dragonic Overlord The Legend. I rarely play my Dragonic Overlord deck and decided to tune up my skills on the deck. I was on fire and dominated the opposition. I was a turn a way from potentially winning the game, and my opponent was very angry after his last turn. He gave up the game without knowing his full potential to stay in the game. I was not pleased with his decision. I did not say anything and left the shop. We were only two Cardfight!! Vanguard players at the shop so I did not have a reason to stay.

My terms for a game are very simple. First, do not disrespect me with personal remarks. Second, do not cheat because I can see it from a mile away. Third, experienced players need to know their cards’ effects. These terms are not very demanding and every player can easily meet my standards. I do not have tolerance for experienced players that do not know how to legally play their cards’ effects. No player is perfect and mistakes can be made, At least try to avoid illegal plays.

The First Player

The first type of player plays on strict terms of continuing games under certain conditions. He or she will only complete a game if they believe there is a chance to win the game. They will quit in the middle of a game if they believe there is no chance of victory. These players will either have a bad attitude for losing or do not have the passion to enjoy the game for what it is worth. If you are looking for a full experience, then it is best to avoid this type of player.

The Second Player

We must also consider the second player’s point of view. He or she wants to finish the game under any condition. They will play if the game is in their favor or there is a chance of losing the game. They will seek alternative options if they can turn the game around. Losing is seen as a good learning experience. The second type of player will learn from his or her mistakes and come back stronger for the next game.

You know I fall in the category under the second player. A game feels to be empty if it is left unfinished. A game’s purpose is to determine a winner and a loser. I cannot have satisfaction without knowing a game’s possible outcome. I want to see how far I can go in the final turn. My drive to be the best player at Cardfight!! Vanguard keeps me fighting in every game.

The Final Word

I strongly believe both players should agree on the terms of each game. Do not waste my time. I always want to complete a game regardless of the outcome. I am man enough to handle a lost. We must remember this is a trading card game for fun. You are not going to win every game. I play to win the game, but is willing to accept losing a game. I learn from my mistakes in wins and loses. Don’t quit a game like Kazuma. Continue to grow and be the best player that you can be.

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