Extra Booster Set Review: G Extra Booster 1: Cosmic Roar

Last week I finally got my hands on an extra booster box of G Extra Booster 1: Cosmic Roar and opened the box today. G Extra Booster 1: Cosmic Roar is the first Extra Booster set for Cardfight!! Vanguard G, and it is an exclusive set for Dimension Police. This set includes 35 new cards. It features cards with Generation Beak, Legion, and Stride.

Furthermore, G Extra Booster 1: Cosmic Roar introduces Cosmic Heroes. They are a new archetype from the Dimension Police. In addition, G Extra Booster 1: Cosmic Roar includes new cards for Dimensional Robo, Enigman, and Metalborg.

Release Date: April 17, 2015

  • 35 Cards
  • Dimension Police
The New Heroes!

Cosmic Roar - Cardfight!! Vanguard

Cosmic Heroes are the newest archetype in the Dimension Police clan. Their strategy is building the vanguard’s power to trigger skills. There are a few units that allow you to also give power boosts to rear-guards. These cards are also generic so they can be added to decks such as Dimensional Robos and Metalborgs. Cosmic Hero, Grandrope is a Stride enabler.

In addition, Cosmic Hero, Grandguard is Dimension Police’s new perfect guard. This is a generic card for all of the clan’s decks. Cosmic HERO, Grandguard counter charges damage. You can regain an important resource, and you will be able to consistently activate abilities.


Dimensional Police pretty much copied DBZ CCG’s quote to hit hard and hit often. Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon and Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger are designed to quickly win games. Either your opponents block your vanguard’s attack with a perfect guard or they will be booted out of the tournament!

The booster set also includes Dark Superhuman, Omega. This G-Unit fits into Zeal with its ability to decrease your opponent’s vanguard’s power. Dark Superhuman, Omega sends one of your rear-guards to the soul and decreases the power of your front row units by the power of your rear-guard.

Retro Support!

Enigmans, Metalborgs, Super Dimensional Robos, and Zeal were not left out in the cold. Enigmans and Zeal have new grade 3 bosses. Super Dimensional Robos’ support is new rear-guards to power up their already high-powered vanguards. Metalborg, Barrengrader searches for a vanguard with the ability to use Legion and superior rides it.

Card List:
Card No.NameGradeClanTypeRarity
G-EB01/00199th-gen Dimensional Robo Commander, Great Daiearth 4Dimension PoliceRRR+SP
G-EB01/002Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger4Dimension PoliceRRR+SP
G-EB01/003Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop3Dimension PoliceRRR+SP
G-EB01/004Dark Superhuman, Omega4Dimension PoliceRR
G-EB01/005Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon4Dimension PoliceRR+SP
G-EB01/006Cosmic Hero, Grandfire2Dimension PoliceRR
G-EB01/007Cosmic Hero, Grandguard1Dimension PoliceRR
G-EB01/008Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat0Dimension PoliceCriticalRR
G-EB01/009Enigman Tornado3Dimension PoliceR
G-EB01/010New Era Beast, Zeal3Dimension PoliceR
G-EB01/011Metalborg, Barrengrader3Dimension PoliceR
G-EB01/012Cosmic Hero, Grandsub2Dimension PoliceR
G-EB01/013Dimensional Robo, Daijet2Dimension PoliceR
G-EB01/014Cosmic Hero, Grandrope1Dimension PoliceR
G-EB01/015Cosmic Hero, Grandwagon1Dimension PoliceR
G-EB01/016Metalborg, Grasscutter0Dimension PoliceCriticalR
G-EB01/017Great Cosmic Hero, Grandbazooka3Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/018Enigman Night Sky2Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/019Cosmic Hero, Grandkungfu2Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/020Ionization Monster, Plazm2Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/021Metalborg, Magmafork2Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/022Cosmic Hero, Grandpolice1Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/023Enigman Cloud1Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/024Cosmic Hero, Grandchopper1Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/025Dimensional Robo, Dailion1Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/026Evolution Monster, Davain 1Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/027Metalborg, Hammerhel1Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/028Cosmic Hero, Grandseed0Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/029Dimensional Robo, Daishoot 0Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/030Metalborg, Locobattler0Dimension PoliceC
G-EB01/031Dimensional Robo, Daiwolf0Dimension PoliceCriticalC
G-EB01/032Masked Police, Guunjoe0Dimension PoliceDrawC
G-EB01/033Cosmic Hero, Grandrescue0Dimension PoliceHealC
G-EB01/034Enigman Sunset0Dimension PoliceCriticalC
G-EB01/035Operator Girl, Reika0Dimension PoliceStandC
The Final Word

Al in all, I’m very impressed with the cards from Cosmic Roar. There are a lot of very good cards in the set. I pulled a SP, RRR, and three RR cards in a single box. It was loaded with awesome cards to build an all-star deck. Cosmic Roar has a little of everything for Dimension Police players.

If you play Cosmic Heroes, Enigmans, Metalborgs, Super Dimensional Robos, or Zeal, then there are new cards for your deck. Cosmic Roar sets a new standard for extra booster sets. More extra booster sets for one clan need to give new support to every archetype in that clan. Get your hands on this set to unleash justice!

Extra Booster Set Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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