Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer From Comic Con 2018

We have a trailer for the upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly! The trailer teases a lot of exciting scenes of battles and the lore of Dragon Ball. Broly and his father Paragus are rebooted for the official story. Broly and Paragus are wearing Saiyan armor, and are using a spaceship similar to Frieza’s spaceship. Frieza and his army will also return in the feature film.

Broly is promoted as an unknown Saiyan. Brief clips of his childhood is shown. We see Broly as a baby in a special chamber. Then, a youthful Paragus and a Saiyan with similar features to Vegeta appear in front of a space pod. Baby Broly may be inside the pod.

Three epic fights are teased in the trailer. The first fight is between Vegeta and Broly. Vegeta notices Broly learns as he fights strong opponents. The second fight is between Frieza and Broly. Frieza is impressed by Broly’s energy, and is further surprised by Broly standing his ground against the tyrant. Finally, the fight everyone is waiting for between Goku and Broly.

The final scene reveals Broly transforming into the Legendary Super Saiyan. Goku is currently in Super Saiyan Blue. He says Broly continues to get stronger as Broly transforms to the next level. Ultra Instinct was not shown in the trailer. Goku’s strongest form may be unlocked in a moment of desperation to defeat the insane Saiyan warrior.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is set for American theaters in January 2019!

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