Doctor O Announces EB08:Champions of the Galaxy Champions of the Galaxy and EB09:Divine Dragon Progression!

Today, Doctor O revealed on Twitter upcoming extra booster sets EB08: Champions of the Galaxy and EB09: Divine Dragon Progression! EB08 will feature Nova Grapplers and EB09 will be the first extra booster to feature Kagero!
EB08 is the third extra booster featuring Nova Grapplers. EB08 includes awesome crossrides for Asura Kaiser and Stern Blaukluger! It will have 17 reprints and 18 new cards for a grand total of 35 cards in the set.

Kai’s Kagero clan is featured in EB09. The set will have 12 new cards and 23 reprints. Berserk Dragon and Bellicosity Dragon are confirmed to be reprints. The set includes Dragonic Nouvelle Vague, the first ever Grade 4 unit in the series. It made its debut in the manga chapter 22. It is unknown if Dragonic Nouvelle Vague will be a legal card.

Nova Grappler and Kagero fans will be glad when these sets come to the states. EB08: Champions of The Galaxy and EB09: Divine Dragon Progression will be heavily sought out sets. Both sets will be released on November 15, 2013!

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