News: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The moment that we have been waiting for is finally here! Bandai has released its first trailer for Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The trailer previews characters, cards’ effects, and mechanics. Bandai is correcting Panini America’s and Score’s horrible mistakes. I am very impressed with the visuals. The game features exclusive art for the game. The trailer teases possible archetypes to be an important component. God decks and Frieza’s army deck appear to be archetypes. The characters are from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super. Cards for Cell, Frieza, Kid Buu, and the legendary Broly were revealed!

Dragon Ball Super Card Game is set to be released this summer! I want to build a Frieza’s Army deck! I am going to give this game a fair chance. Trading card games need three to four sets to have a steady foundation. Please be patient and see how this game will expand in its first year. Dragon Ball deserves a good card game. Hopefully Dragon Ball Super Card Game will be Dragon Ball’s next big game.

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