The Future of Gear Chronicle

Bushiroad promised to update every clan at least once a year. Gear Chronicle will be reintroduced in the future. Gear Chronicle is the only clan not from the first era of Cardfight!! Vanguard. We do not have any Limit Breaks and Break Rides to reference for Cardfight!! Vanguard V. Chrono is not in the original manga. He may or may not return to the series. Leon is younger in the new animation. Chrono could return as a teenager like he was at the end of Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z.

Chronojet Dragon was the poster boy for Gear Chronicle and Cardfight!! Vanguard G. Chronojet Dragon received endless support from Bushiroad during its lifespan. The majority of Gear Chronicle cards supported Chronojet. I cannot imagine Bushiroad creating an original unit for the clan. Chronojet Dragon will most likely be rebooted in the Standard format.

I would like to see new versions of Heart Thump Worker, Steam Maiden, Melem, and Chronofang Tiger. Revamped versions would not require Generation Break. The cards would faster than their classic versions. Heart Thump Work and Steam Maiden, Melem were two important cards in Chronojet Dragon decks. Chronofang Tiger was one of the few cards with its own deck. A new Chronofang Tiger could create a diverse clan with multiple decks.

Gear Chronicle’s signature ability was Time Leap. Time Leap binds one unit to superior call one unit with a high grade from the deck. Then, the bound unit returns to the field and the new unit goes to the bottom of the deck at the end of your turn. Gear Chronicle will most likely retain this feature in the Standard Format. Time Leap fits Gear Chronicle’s theme of manipulating time. Players are familiar with the mechanic. It is a very simple mechanic for new players to learn.

However, Bushiroad may throw a curveball. We can never say never in trading card games. The unexpected moments always happen. Nobody saw the reboot coming a mile away. The entire clan may get new characters and mechanics. We would not know what to expect in this scenario. We would not have any past content to reference.

Finally, only one question remains. Which Imaginary Gift will Gear Chronicle receive? Accel appears to be the front-runner for Gear Chronicle. Time Leap enables Gear Chronicle to multiple attacks per turn. Protect is a second option. Gear Chronicle can take an approach to manipulate time to protect the vanguard. Force is out of the question. They clan never focused on building a large amount of power for rear-guards and the vanguard.

The Final Word

Gear Chronicle’s future is clouded in uncertainly. I do not have material from the first formats to reference. I can only speculate Gear Chronicle’s possible future of revamped cards of classic units. Chronojet Dragon and Chronofang Tiger will most likely return with new versions to fit the Standard Format. I will look forward to their new versions if Bushiroad goes in that direction. Bushiroad may decide to rebuild the clan with a new cast of characters. The clan’s Imaginary Gift is up in the air. I am excited to see the next generation of Gear Chronicle.

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