A Lack of Grade 3 Females

Clans and Vanguards are suppose to represent the player. Personally I feel as if many clans and Vanguards are unable to represent the player. I think clans should be able to represent male and female players. Many clans are lacking female cards especially grade 3 female cards. Angel Feather, Bermuda Triangle, Oracle Think Tank, Neo Nectar, and Pale Moon are the only clans that have a lot of female cards. Most importantly they have grade 3 females. Furthermore there are a few clans that have grade 3 females. The Dark Iregulars clan has two female grade 3 cards, Demon Eater and Edel Rose. Nova Grappler has Armored Fairy Shubiela and Miss Splendor.

Personally, I do not feel that my deck represents me very well. As many of you know I’m using a Royal Paladin deck. I prefer for the woman to be in command. I want to have some grade 3 females in my deck. I think a  matriarchy deck would fit me very nicely. Currently there are not any female grade 3 options for my deck.

Continually, Gold Paladins, Royal Paladins, Shadow Paladins, Spike Brothers, Kagero, Granblue, Great Nature, etc. do not have any female grade 3 units. Most of these decks’ themes share something in common. The clans appear to live in patriarchy nations. A patriarchy society is a male dominated society. The few female cards in these clans are merely support male cards.

I think Bushiroad can create interesting Grade 3 female cards for most clans. The three paladin clans can have very cool Grade 3 female leaders. We have the King Alfred. Where is his queen? They can create cards like The Holly Queen, Royal Princess, Warrior Princess, etc.

Furthermore, trading card games typically target male players. Sometimes games will add female cards. I think the game would be more appealing for female players if every clan had female cards for every grade. I think most females would like to have powerful female cards in a deck for good use. Right now the game is targeting females with very stereotypical cards such as Bermuda Triangle and Pale Moon. These clans will bring in some female players. However, this can be maximized by making every clan appealing to male and female players.

In conclusion, I hope Bushiroad will make more grade 3 female cards in the near future. This will freshen up the decks at locals. It will also give more diversity to the game. Who doesn’t want more awesome female artwork? My Royal Paladin deck would look even cooler.


  1. Why do I need a card of my own sex to enjoy the game? I am in no way agaisnt more female cards, I just dont agree with saying we need them. I am male and my main clan is Bermuda Triangle not one male and Im happy with them. Who someone is does not mean if they have a dick or not, I can find a female match who I am with out issue why can the reverse not happen? Also are you saying a women cant like something a man likes, that the silly ideas such as "boy things and girls things" are true? Why can a man not like the colour pink, why cant a woman like sports? Maybe you think a women cant like a male charatcer as much as a female one? That also seems odd, people like what people like if something is great then it will not matter the sex of the person. If a famous charatcer such as king arthur was female would it take away anything from them? No, they would still be just as great.

  2. I didn't say that a person must have same sex cards to enjoy the game. What I am saying is that Bushiroad is only targeting females with a few cards and clans. You're also overlooking the fact that most young children look up to same sex fictional characters. You don't hear little girls saying that they want to be Superman. There's nothing wrong with that. However, you rarely if ever hear that.

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