V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody

V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody

V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody is the fifteenth extra booster set of Cardfight!! Vanguard V. V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody is an exclusive set for Bermuda Triangle. It has new cards for Bermuda Triangle, and all cards are legal in both formats.

In addition, cards from Cardfight!! Vanguard G receive new versions for the standard format. You can now play Perfect Performance, Ange in the standard format! PR♥ISM-Image, Vert  has also return to Cardfight!! Vanguard V with new abilities! All new versions of your favorite units from the past are legal cards in both formats!

  • A Total of 50 Cards
  • 44 New Cards and 6 Reprints
  • SP Pack with Units in Swimsuits
  • Introduction of new rarity, Original Costume Rare

Release Date: January 22nd, 2021

Stand Up Bermuda Triangle!

One of the new strategies for Bermuda Triangle is standing rear-guards for additional attacks. The clan’s newest vanguard, Happiness Heart, Lupina creates Force markers and stands all rear-guards on Force markers. Happiness Heart, Lupina’s offensive abilities display amazing offense. You can swing powerful attacks to constantly pressure opponent’s into the corner of the ring!

In addition, School Etoile, Olyvia supports Bermuda Triangle’s strategy of multiple attacks. Her single ability is an offensive ability with potential to deal major damage! You need a field with five rear-guards with different names. School Etoile, Olyvia stands three or more rear-guards if all of them have different names. In addition, she gains a critical!

Order Support:

Bushiroad introduces new and unique support for Order cards. Girlish Idol, Lyricle is a grade 3 unit with abilities that support orders. She uses Lyricle’s Veil to set up her abilities. In addition, she has an ability to add orders to your hand.

Furthermore, Girlish Idol, Lyricle’s second ability provides a powerful defense. She gains 10,000 power during either player’s turn when a unit intercept an attack. You gain an offensive advantage during your turn, and you gain a strong defense during your turn. Decks with strong defenses have a great history of success in Cardfight!! Vanguard.


Prism receives new support in V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody. The archetype’s theme is binding cards and superior calling those same cards to gain major advantages. PR♥ISM-Image, Rosa sets the stage for the deck. She draws a card and binds a card. You will get the bind card back from PR♥ISM-Image, Vert’s ability.

PR♥ISM-Image, Vert is a very strong card for both formats. She has triple drive and enables multiple attacks. Her first ability gives triple drive to her with a cheap cost of binding units. In addition, her second ability erases the cost of the first ability. PR♥ISM-Image, Vert sends rear-guards to your hand and superior call units from the bind zone.

The Return of Ange:

The original Perfect Performance, Ange is a powerful G-Unit for Bermuda Triangle. She is now a grade 3 unit in Cardfight!! Vanguard V. Her abilities were inspired by the original card’s abilities. Perfect Performance, Ange returns units to the hand to gain powerful abilities.

Furthermore, Perfect Performance, Ange superior calls a unit from the deck. You can unleash four attacks in a single turn. Perfect Performance, Ange has nice abilities for creating a strong offense.


Riviere was one of the best decks from 2020. Bushiroad added a new card to enhance the powerful deck. The newest card is Sporty Idol, Innes. This rear-guard adds consistency and offense to the deck. Sporty Idol, Innes adds a unit with Riviere in its name from the deck to your hand. In addition, Sporty Idol, Innes gains 10,000 power, and one your units with Riviere in its name also gains 10,000 power for more firepower!


In addition to the new cards, V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody includes six reprints in the set. These are useful cards for many decks. For instance, Glittery Baby, Lene and Choco Love Heart, Liselotte are the best reprints in the set. They are key units in many Bermuda Triangle decks.

Card List:
Card No.NameGradeClanRarity
V-EB15/001School Etoile, Olyvia4Bermuda TriangleForceLIR+SP+OCR
V-EB15/002Star on Stage, Plon3Bermuda TriangleForceVR+SP
V-EB15/003Happiness Heart, Lupina3Bermuda TriangleForceVR+SP+ASR
V-EB15/004Perfect Performance, Ange3Bermuda TriangleForceVR+SP+OCR
V-EB15/005PR♥ISM-Image, Vert3Bermuda TriangleForceVR+SP+OCR
V-EB15/006Girlish Idol, Lyricle3Bermuda TriangleForceRRR+SP
V-EB15/007Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua3Bermuda TriangleForceRRR+SP+OCR
V-EB15/008Sweetest Sister, Meer 3Bermuda TriangleForceRRR+SP+OCR
V-EB15/009Transparent Charm, Seledy3Bermuda TriangleForceRRR+SP
V-EB15/010Velvet Voice, Raindear3Bermuda TriangleForceRRR+SP+OCR
V-EB15/011Top Idol, Aqua2Bermuda TriangleRRR+SP
V-EB15/012Mermaid Idol, Sedna1Bermuda TriangleRRR+SP
V-EB15/013Expect Rhythm, Vierra2Bermuda TriangleRR
V-EB15/014PR♥ISM-Image, Rosa2Bermuda TriangleRR
V-EB15/015Bear Affection, Laer2Bermuda TriangleRR
V-EB15/016Sporty Idol, Ines2Bermuda TriangleRR
V-EB15/017PR♥ISM-Image, Clear1Bermuda TriangleRR
V-EB15/018Mermaid Idol, Elly1Bermuda TriangleRR+SP
V-EB15/019Cherished Phrase, Reina0Bermuda TriangleCriticalRR+SP
V-EB15/020Glittery Baby, Lene0Bermuda TriangleDraw/Perfect GuardRR+SP
V-EB15/021Choco Love Heart, Liselotte2Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/022Multiple Shine, Mirada2Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/023Unique Allure, Dagny2Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/024Charismatic Service, Maxine2Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/025Filling Reverie, Petra2Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/026Rainbow Shard, Uranie1Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/027Gleeful Mode, Tabia1Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/028Quiet Temperament, Katya1Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/029Direct Squirt, Elche1Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/030Prudent Blue, Miep1Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/031Freshers Innovate, Rosalinda1Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/032Peppy Smile, Helga1Bermuda TriangleR
V-EB15/033Lyricle's Veil2Normal OrderR
V-EB15/034Consent Select, Beata3Bermuda TriangleForceC
V-EB15/035Rose Princess, Phalaina3Bermuda TriangleForceC
V-EB15/036Captivating Originality, Gerlinde3Bermuda TriangleForceC
V-EB15/037The Aim is Perfection, Relenca3Bermuda TriangleForceC
V-EB15/038Whisper Ripple, Militta2Bermuda TriangleC
V-EB15/039Cerulean Jewelry, Fasive2Bermuda TriangleC
V-EB15/040Electric Essence, Systico2Bermuda TriangleC
V-EB15/041Special Message, Ourora1Bermuda TriangleC
V-EB15/042Heart Fragrance, Liesche1Bermuda TriangleC
V-EB15/043Popple Empathy, Bettie 1Bermuda TriangleC
V-EB15/044Distinguished Wink, Radka1Bermuda TriangleC
V-EB15/045Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Shizuku0Bermuda TriangleC+SP
V-EB15/046Direct Sign, Pursh0Bermuda TriangleCriticalC
V-EB15/047Dockin' Shooter, Pellea0Bermuda TriangleCriticalC
V-EB15/048Lover Hope, Rina0Bermuda TriangleCriticalC
V-EB15/049Crimson Surprise, Feir0Bermuda TriangleDrawC
V-EB15/050Agitato Cheer, Pipylaia0Bermuda TriangleHealC
V-EB15/T01Meer's PresentC
V-EB15/SP17Quick Shield0Blitz OrderC

All in all, V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody is a good extra booster set. Players can build new decks and upgrade their older decks. I recommend buying a few boxes of V Extra Booster 15: Twinkle Melody. You can build a strong deck with an army of idols from the sea!

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