V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d’Moonlight

V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d’Moonlight is the ninth booster set from the V Series of Cardfight!! Vanguard. This booster set features new cards for Dark Irregulars, Granblue, Murakumo, and Pale Moon. Bushiroad introduces new archetypes and a new marker for Granblue! Every clan has a SP booster pack.  V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d’Moonlight is set to be released on October 2nd, 2020!

Release Date: October 2nd, 2020

  • The booster set has 94 cards.
  • The set has 88 new cards and 6 reprints.
  • SP Clan Packs are included for every clan.
  • Introduces the new Treasure Marker for Granblue!
  • Dark Irregulars
  • Granblue
  • Murakumo
  • Pale Moon
Dark Irregulars

The new deck for Dark Irregulars with Scharhrot Vampir focuses on your rear-guards. Scharhrot Vampir adds power to your rear-guards, and he can stand up to two rear-guards during battle. You can declare five battles in a turn. The deck’s offense relies on your rear-guards with a lot of power. You can overwhelm an opponent with many attacks.

One of the best rear-guards for Dark Irregulars in V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d’Moonlight is Demonted Executioner. This demon sets up your strategy. Demonted Executioner soul charges three cards with a single ability. This is an effective ability to build your soul. Furthermore, Demonted Executioner allows you to draw a card if you soul charge a trigger! You build the soul, and add a card to your hand.


The princess of Granblue returns with new abilities for Cardfight!! Vanguard V! Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose is a powerful and offensive vanguard for her clan. Her effects are very aggressive tactics. Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose retires rear-guards after they battle the opponent, and she superior call new rear-guards to the field. She offers many opportunities to attack the opponent. Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose complements Granblue’s style of using the drop zone for superior calling new units.

Treasure Markers:

Granblue has an exclusive marker, and it is the Treasure Marker. It fits the theme of Granblue having stole jewels from Cray. The new version of  Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist gains powerful abilities from Treasure Markers. Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist brings a new strategy for Granblue. His abilities strengthen units, and stands rear-guards for additional battles!


The signature strategy of Murakumo is superior calling copies of units. This style for the clan returns in V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d’Moonlight. Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie demonstrates the art of ninjutsu. Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie superior calls a copy of two units on the field. You gain two powerful rear-guards. In addition, Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie superior rides a copy of himself from the drop zone.

  • Dueling Dragon

Dueling Dragon has new supportive cards, Backward Arrester and Dueling Dragon, ZANTETHU. Both cards elevate the deck. Backward Arrester is a nice rear-guard with the ability to give 10,000 power to Right Arrester or Left Arrester. In addition, Dueling Dragon, ZANTETHU deals damage to you, and adds two Arresters from your deck to your hand. Dueling Dragon, ZANTETHU is a useful card if your opponent denies damage to pay the cost of Dueling Dragon, ZANBAKU’s ability.

Pale Moon

Bushiroad introduces two new themes for Pale Moon. First, Masked Magician, Harri features a new mechanic, the Stage for Pale Moon. A Stage is all Accel markers on a single circle to create an additional circle with a lot of power! Second, Magia Doll is a new type of workroid and archetype. Masked Magician, Harri’s abilities support Magia Dolls.

  • Silver Thorn

In addition, Bushiroad includes new cards for Silver Thorn. Silver Thorn Dragon Empress, Venus Luquier is one of the strongest cards from this set. Players can make the argument of her being the best card in the booster set. She elevates Silver Thorns to a new level of power. Her first ability gives power to units. Her second ability is awesome, and it creates an Accel circle for more offense!

Full Card List:
Card No.NameGradeClanTypeRarity
V-BT09/001‎Masked Magician, Harri3Pale MoonAccelVR+SP
V-BT09/002Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose3GranblueProtectVR+SP
V-BT09/003Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie3MurakumoAccelVR+SP
V-BT09/004Scharhrot Vampir3Dark IrregularsProtectVR+SP
V-BT09/005Silver Thorn Dragon Empress, Venus Luquier3Pale MoonAccelVR+SP
V-BT09/006Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Yasuie Tenma3MurakumoAccelRRR+SP
V-BT09/007Demon Claw Stealth Rogue, Yoitogi2MurakumoRRR+SP
V-BT09/008Gateway Stealth Rogue, Ataka1MurakumoRRR+SP
V-BT09/009Abominable One, Gilles de Rais3Dark IrregularsProtectRRR+SP
V-BT09/010Succubus of Pure Love1Dark IrregularsRRR+SP
V-BT09/011Card Dealer, Jacqueline2Pale MoonRRR+SP
V-BT09/012Silver Thorn Diva, Selvia2Pale MoonRRR+SP
V-BT09/013Masquerade Bunny1Pale MoonRRR+SP
V-BT09/014Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist3GranblueProtectRRR+SP
V-BT09/015Pirate Swordsman, Colombard2GranblueRRR+SP
V-BT09/016Tommy the Ghostie Brothers1GranblueRRR+SP
V-BT09/017Dueling Dragon, ZANTETHU3MurakumoAccelRR
V-BT09/018Wisteria Flower Stealth Rogue, Takehime1MurakumoRR
V-BT09/019Stealth Rogue of the Fiendish Blade, Masamura0MurakumoCriticalRR
V-BT09/020Demonted Executioner2Dark IrregularsRR
V-BT09/021Edge in the Darkness1Dark IrregularsRR
V-BT09/022One-eyed Succubus0Dark IrregularsCriticalRR
V-BT09/023Lore Pigeon, Pop2Pale MoonRR
V-BT09/024Moonlight Melody Tamer, Betty1Pale MoonRR
V-BT09/025Darkside Sword Master0Pale MoonCriticalRR
V-BT09/026Thin-mist Banshee2GranblueRR
V-BT09/027Seven Seas Pillager, Nightspinel2GranblueRR
V-BT09/028Rampage Shade0GranblueCriticalRR
V-BT09/029Stealth Rogue of Rough Skills, Masunari3MurakumoR
V-BT09/030Stealth Dragon, Plumb Reimu2MurakumoR
V-BT09/031Unmasked Stealth Rogue, Awazu2MurakumoR
V-BT09/032Flutist Stealth Rogue, Kadotsugu1MurakumoR
V-BT09/033Backward Arrester1MurakumoR
V-BT09/034Ostia Heater3Dark IrregularsProtectR
V-BT09/035Flap Fixer3Dark IrregularsProtectR
V-BT09/036Doppel Vampir2Dark IrregularsR
V-BT09/037Stone Framer1Dark IrregularsR
V-BT09/038Deflect Sweet1Dark IrregularsR
V-BT09/039Starry Pop Dragon4Pale MoonR
V-BT09/040Blending Burner3Pale MoonAccelR
V-BT09/041Magia Doll, Prana2Pale MoonR
V-BT09/042Magia Doll, Lunatec Dragon2Pale MoonR
V-BT09/043Silver Thorn Handlegrip, Linnea1Pale MoonR
V-BT09/044Nightmare Doll, Marion1Pale MoonR
V-BT09/045Skeleton Pirate Skipper3GranblueProtectR
V-BT09/046Witch Doctor of Languor, Negrolazy 2Granblue
V-BT09/047Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade2GranblueR
V-BT09/048Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow1GranblueR
V-BT09/049Witch Doctor of Powdered Bone, Negrobone1GranblueR
V-BT09/050Soul Bullet Roulette3Normal OrderR
V-BT09/051Covert Demonic Dragon, Viamel Fudou3MurakumoC
V-BT09/052Stealth Dragon, Shuratoguro2MurakumoC
V-BT09/053Stealth Rogue of Intangibility, Kuninaga2MurakumoC
V-BT09/054Stealth Rogue of Carnival Song, Miyagiku1MurakumoC
V-BT09/055Inexhaustible Stealth Rogue, Tokitsune 1MurakumoC
V-BT09/056Stealth Dragon, Adoba Spike0MurakumoC
V-BT09/057Stealth Beast, Moon Edge0MurakumoCriticalC
V-BT09/058Stealth Fiend, Eba Wing0MurakumoDrawC
V-BT09/059Stealth Beast, Ahead Panther0MurakumoFrontC
V-BT09/060Stealth Fiend, Bamboo Fox0MurakumoHealC
V-BT09/061Inflict Stamper3Dark IrregularsProtectC
V-BT09/062Gravity Core Master3Dark IrregularsProtectC
V-BT09/063Exact Frozen2Dark IrregularsC
V-BT09/064Prognos Drei2Dark IrregularsC
V-BT09/065Blemish Spire2Dark IrregularsC
V-BT09/066Tornado Genitor1Dark IrregularsC
V-BT09/067Werfleder Ordonnaz0Dark IrregularsC+SP
V-BT09/068Dark Knight of Nightmareland0Dark IrregularsCriticalC
V-BT09/069Pulse Taker0Dark IrregularsDrawC
V-BT09/070Alice of Nightmareland0Dark IrregularsHealC
V-BT09/071Fesbright Escaper2Pale MoonC
V-BT09/072Flame Rowdy2Pale MoonC
V-BT09/073Genteel Opener2Pale MoonC
V-BT09/074Tempting Hoopster1Pale MoonC
V-BT09/075Magia Doll, Darkside Mirror Master1Pale MoonC
V-BT09/076Magia Doll, Flying Peryton1Pale MoonC
V-BT09/077Wonder Hanger1Pale MoonC
V-BT09/078Happiness Collector0Pale MoonC+SP
V-BT09/079‎Silver Thorn, Barking Dragon0Pale MoonCriticalC
V-BT09/080Mirror Lord Surmounter0Pale MoonDrawC
V-BT09/081Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Serge0Pale MoonFrontC
V-BT09/082Tender Breeder0Pale MoonHealC
V-BT09/083Parliament Shade3GranblueC
V-BT09/084Forebode Ghost Ship3GranblueProtectC
V-BT09/085Racking Frankhini2GranblueC
V-BT09/086Night-playing Zombie1GranblueC
V-BT09/087Cyril the Ghostie1GranblueC
V-BT09/088Witch Doctor of the Seven Seas, Raistutor1GranblueC
V-BT09/089Skeleton Sea Navigator1GranblueC
V-BT09/090Undying Departed, Grenache0GranblueC
V-BT09/091Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner0GranblueC
V-BT09/092Mortal Mimic0GranblueCriticalC
V-BT09/093Gunner Francette0GranblueDrawC
V-BT09/094Good Luck Charm Banshee0GranblueHealC
V-BT09/SP19Hades Hypnotist0Pale MoonDraw/Perfect Guard SP
V-BT09/SP21Quick Shield0SP
V-BT09/SP22 Gust Djinn0GranblueDraw/Perfect Guard SP
V-BT09/SP24Quick Shield0SP
V-BT09/SP25Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage0MurakumoDraw/Perfect GuardSP
V-BT09/SP26Masago Stealth Rogue, Goemon0Murakumo
V-BT09/SP27Quick Shield0SP
V-BT09/SP28Number of Terror3Dark IrregularsProtectSP
V-BT09/SP29March Rabbit of Nightmareland0Dark IrregularsDraw/Perfect GuardSP
V-BT09/SP31Quick Shield0SP
V-BT09/SP32Silver Thorn, Rising Dragon2Pale MoonSP
V-BT09/SP33Silver Thorn Conjurer, Romy1Pale MoonSP
V-BT09/SP34Silver Thorn Assistant, Ionela0Pale MoonSP
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Overall, V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d’Moonlight is a great booster set for Pale Moon. Every clan in this booster set receives powerful cards. Players can create new decks for their favorite clans or update their older decks. Players get amazing new cards to take their decks to the next level. V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d’Moonlight set is to be released on October 2nd, 2020 in the English Edition!

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