Budget Deck List: Nova Grappler

I built a budget deck for Nova Grappler from two boxes of Unite! Team Q4. All of the cards in the deck are worth two dollars or less. The deck’s most expensive card is my one and only Twin Blader. The deck revolves around Asura Kaiser as the vanguard. This deck’s strategy is standing rear-guards and creating Accel circles for extra attacks every turn.

Deck List

Starter Grade 0

  • Battleraizer x

Grade 0 (Triggers)

  • Red Lighting (Critical Trigger) x2
  • Shining Lady (Critical Trigger) x2
  • Cannon Ball (Front Trigger) x2
  • Turboraizer (Front Trigger) x2
  • Three Minutes (Draw Trigger) x3
  • Twin Blader (Draw Trigger & Sentinel) x1
  • Wall Boy (Heal Trigger) x4

Grade 1

  • Hate Reflector (Sentinel) x3
  • Death Army Guy x3
  • Jetraizer x2
  • Transraizer x4
  • Raizer Custom x1

Grade 2

  • Iron Killer x4
  • Extra Muscular x1
  • Boomerang Thrower x3
  • Burstraizer x3
  • Hi-powered Raizer Custom x1

Grade 3

Nova Grappler is one of the most aggressive decks in the format. The goal is to swing as many attacks as possible every turn. Create Accel circles as often as possible to build a front row with many units. Your offense needs a lot of resources, and you will quickly use your resources to fuel your offense. You will be putting everything in your offense to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible.

The Accel marker is the perfect gift for Nova Grappler’s aggressive style. I am able to create new rear-guard circles to add more attacks every turn. The ideal units for my Accel circles are Extra Muscular, Maximum Raizer, Burstraizer, and Jetraizer. All of these cards are able to generate power. Jetraizer gains 3,000 power after I call a unit. Extra Muscular, Maximum Raizer, and Burstraizer gain power after they stand.

Asura Kaiser is the boss of the deck. He is a poor man’s Perfect Raizer. His skill stands rear-guards and your rear-guard gains 10,000 power if your drive check revealed a grade 3 card. If you do not check any triggers, then Asura Kaiser gives you the opportunity to gain advantage with extra attacks. You want to check a grade 3 to raise your rear-guards power to be strong enough to hit your opponent.

Battledore Fighter is an interesting card. He brings a unique skill to the table. He forces my opponent to guard with at least two cards. My waves of attacks force my opponent to readjust his or her defensive strategy. My opponent will be punished by making a simple mistake and not having enough cards to block the unit with Battledore Fighter’s skill.

Burstraizer is the deck’s MVP. He adds a lot of pressure every turn. He does not need Asura Kaiser’s skill to stand, and is perfect on an Accel circle. Burstraizer gains 3,000 power if my opponent has four or more damage when he stands during combat. He becomes a 22,000 rear-guard after he stands.

Raizer Custom is the best rear-guard for Nova Grapplers. It stands after your rear-guard in the same column stands, and its skill is free! If Asura Kaiser only checks a grade 2 card, I can stand my rear-guard in the front row and Raizer Custom will stand as well. Raizer Custom’s boost will make up for the missed opportunity of gaining 10,000 power for checking a grade 3 card.

I tested this deck at my local card shop. The deck ended the day with three wins and one loss. The wins felt effortless as the deck was working to perfection. The only loss was against Kagero. I tried my best to generate enough offense, but Kagero’s higher numbers and abilities were too much for Nova Grappler. My opponent burned my rear-guards, and defensive triggers made it much harder to hit his vanguard.


  1. Yeah, this looks similar to my budget Nova deck. I really recommend including Rocket Hammerman and Cup Bowler. It’s good against Force, it’s fairly consistent and it’s better than running Death Army Guy or Iron Killer. I also suggest 10 G3 for Asura Kaiser, it raises the chance of him going off completely from 30.2% to 36.9%.

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