Upcoming Deck Projects For 2017

I have started making a few new decks. I want to add more decks to my collection. I mostly play Gold Paladins and Royal Paladins. It is about time for me to step out of my box. Some of these incomplete decks have been tested in a few videos. Lately most of my decks have been very competitive and I am known for playing fun decks. Now I am moving in a different direction with competitive decks. None of these new decks are for Yu-Gi-Oh. I am not currently interested in the new archetypes. I will wait to see next year’s new archetypes. I am very happy with my Dark Magician Spellbook deck at the moment.

Star-Vaders Legion

I played Link Joker for the first time a few months ago. Now I am hooked on playing Star-Vaders with Legion. I want to lock my opponent in submission! Lock is still a powerful mechanic against most decks. The ability prevents most decks from using their strategies. I want to test the deck’s new Quintet Wall. Reversal Star-vader, Nobelium blocks attacks and will lock an opposing rear-guard if she successfully blocks an attack. The deck’s only problem is the lack of G-Units to support my type of deck. Most Star-Vader G-Units are made to support particular unit.

Neo Nectar Bloom

Everyone knows I love beautiful white women. The new Neo Nectars are the perfect units for me! I have been building a deck with Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha and units with Bloom. I am going to need the new cards from Cardfight!! Vanguard G Next Stage. Ahsha is getting new support in a new trial deck and booster sets. The trial deck is Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming, and the deck includes a new G-Unit and a reprint of Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ahsha! Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha is the new grade 3 card for Ahsha. Now I can play eight cards with Ahsha in their names! This deck will be completed in early 2017!

Blue Tag Team Frieza or Cooler

Frieza, his family, and henchmen are my favorite villains in Dragon Ball. I must build a deck with either Frieza or Cooler. I will most likely choose Frieza because I already have his complete set. The deck will include all of Frieza’s army and his brother Cooler. The Blue Tag Team mastery is the best mastery for the deck. I can swarm the field with the Ginyu Force, Cooler, and Zarbon! I am disappointed that King Cold does not have an Ally card in the game. Hopefully Panini America will create an Ally card for King Cold.

The Final Word

I am excited to see how each deck will develop. Changes will most likely occur as new cards from each game are announced in the next few months. I am going to test different versions of each deck to learn which one works the best. The Neo Nectar deck will be completed first. It will be followed by Link Joker Legion and Blue Tag Team Frieza. I plan on shooting deck profiles for each deck after they are completed. Be sure to look for these decks next year on my YouTube channel!

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