Cardfight!! Vanguard Needs Special Sets For Reprints

Cardfight!! Vanguard has been an active trading card game for five years. Many booster sets and decks have been released in the game’s short history. Most cards have only been printed once in their initial sets. This has led to players becoming frustrated with Bushiroad’s handling of reprints. Players have heavily criticized Bushiroad for rarely reprinting the game’s best cards and most popular cards. Many decks rely on particular cards to function. If you want to play a deck with an archetype, then you need the key cards in the deck. Every English booster set includes new cards and only a few booster sets have a handful of reprints. We have not had a special set in English with reprinted cards.

Bushiroad is releasing new support for classic decks from the original series. However, Bushiroad has only reprinted a few key cards. Many decks need reprints to give easier access to new players. Older booster sets are hard to find in stores and can be very expensive online. Demon World Marquis, Amon has many new support cards in recent years. However, he has not had a proper reprint for players to play an Amon deck. It is illogical to continue to support Amon without reprinting the deck’s featured card. Reprinting Amon will benefit players to have access to him and Bushiroad will earn a quick buck.

Extremely Rare Cards

Some of the game’s best cards are also the rarest cards to find in booster packs. Naturally these cards are some of the game’s most expensive cards. Their value will only increase over time if we do not get any reprints. Take a look at ChronoDragon Nextage from the G series. ChronoDragon Nextage is only available as a generation rare card and special rare card. I was lucky to pull one from a booster pack and I just knew he was going to be in the booster pack. The card is valued over one hundred dollars so I must buy three more copies if I want to play ChronoDragon Nextage. The price is ridiculous and it is Bushiroad’s fault for printing limited copies.

Hard To Find Reprints

Reprints are very rare for Cardfight!! Vanguard. Only a few of the most iconic cards such as Majesty Lord Blaster and Dragon Overlord the End have reprints. However, their reprints can be hard to get as they are special reprints in Fighter’s Collection 2014 and only one reprint is in a booster box. That was not a proper reprint for either card as it was more difficult to pull one in their second set. Reprints should not be this difficult to obtain. Players should have a fair shot at obtaining any important reprint.

Bushiroad should take a page out of Konami’s book for Yu-Gi-Oh! Konami is known for reprinting fans’ favorite cards and players are always excited to get their hands on their favorite cards. Legendary Collections and Gold Series are huge hits with players. If you missed out on the first set, then Konami will make it convenient for you in the future. Konami is not perfect. There are several cards that I want in my decks and collection, but Konami has not reprinted those cards. However, Konami has put a conscious effort into giving players access to their deck’s best cards.

Easy Solution

The solution for our lack of reprints is very simple. Bushiroad should consider making special sets with only reprints in foil. This actually occurred a few years ago. Bushiroad reprinted a few cards in the first Fighters Collection in Japan. The set was exclusive to the Japanese market. English players did not get the opportunity to buy this set in English. That was a major mistake because players were demanding for reprints of their favorite cards. Dragonic Overlord The End, Blaster Blade (original), and Demon World Marquis, Amon deserve proper reprints in a booster set.

The Final Word

Players have fairly criticized Bushiroad for not taking the opportunity to reprint cards in special sets. The problem continues as grow as the game ages and new content is released for classic decks. I am hoping Bushiroad will eventually start releasing special sets just for reprints. The demand for reprints will only increase as the game continues to grow. This should not be an issue, but unfortunately Bushiroad has not answered our request. Older cards will only become more difficult to obtain. Let’s hope Bushiroad will start special sets just for reprints in the future. Bushiroad take a page out of Konami’s playbook and give us reprints!

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