Bushiroad Should Create Defensive Players For Spike Brothers.

Photographed by Dave Sizer.

Spike Brothers are based off of American football. Their specialty is creating powerful offensive formations. However, Bushiroad has overlooked that sometimes the defensive minded team is superior. We recently witnessed the NFL’s number one ranked defense the Seattle Seahawks dominate the NFL’s number one ranked offense the Denver Broncos.

Most NFL players are black.
I see what you did Bushiroad.

Furthermore, the vast majority of Spike Brothers are offensive players such as running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. Their big play is during the late game when they superior call fresh players (units) to rear guard for extra attacks. They are built like the Denver Broncos’ offense. They can make big plays, but they will fall in defeat to strong defensive teams like the Seahawks.

In addition, some of the most glorified players in football play defense. Deion Sanders, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Richard Sherman, etc. are considered some of the best players who have ever played the game of football. These players are also known to score points after forcing a turnover so defense can punch the opposing offense in the stomach. Spike Brothers are lacking these types of player makers.

To illustrate, defense wins championships! Spike Brothers are lacking many defensive players. Currently, there aren’t anything corners, safeties, and linebackers in Spike Brothers. The only defensive players are Juggernaut Maximum and Panzer Gale. This isn’t surprising because Bushiroad has focused on the offensive side of the ball. Cardfight!! Vanguard is also more offensive oriented than defense oriented. I would like for them to start drafting defensive players.

Finally, it would be very interesting to have a Spike Brothers deck built on defense. Some football teams’ strength is their defense. The Seahawks’ defense was the difference maker in the Super Bowl. They defeated the greatest offensive in the history of the NFL. Bushiroad can create exclusive Spike Brothers cards that gain additional guard power in special situations for having a particular vanguard or archetype in the vanguard circle. In addition, defensive players are also team captains. I would love to see a cornerback like Richard Sherman as a grade 3 vanguard and the deck’s boss.

In conclusion, Bushiroad needs to realize that football is a two-sided sport with offense and defense. They are dropping the ball on this clan’s potential. There are a lot of focus placed on Spike Brothers’ offensive skills. However, the game of football is not just about offense. Defense plays a critical role in football. I want Bushiroad to be more creative with the clan’s overall theme and develop special defensive units.

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