Cardfight!! Vanguard’s Winners and Losers of 2013

In life there are winners and losers! Look at the Dallas Cowboys. They know what it is like to be a loser every year! Let’s look at Cardfight!! Vanguard’s winners and losers of 2013! 


Link Joker!

Link Joker has emerged as the top clan in the game. Its’ lock ability greatly cripples opposites. Link Joker’s superstar Star-vader Chaos Breaker Dragon is one of the most powerful cards in the game. He is truly a game breaker!

Toshiki Kai

Kai is now the strongest fighter! He has the strongest clan Link Joker to crush his weak opponents! His character received major development. Kai was against using special powers, but now he is living through the experience of having a special power.

Gold Paladin

Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors is one of the strongest cards in the game. He’s the man! Not even Link Joker can put him down!

Ren Suzugamori
Ren is a big winner this year! His high school won the high school card fighting tournament! More importantly, Ren had a special arc just for him! It was very refreshing to have someone different in the spotlight! 


The English Anime Dub
Where do I start? The actors, directing, and writing are awful. Why are all of the cool chats removed from the English version? Instead we receive boring chats and speeches from characters. The English translation is a complete fail. 
Royal Paladin

Shocking isn’t it? Royal Paladins have the weakest break ride unit Pure Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei. Her skill is a joke. It screams perfect guard. The Royal Paladins deserve a new break ride unit with more abilities.

Asaka Narumi
Asaka fought so hard for Ren’s love to only get put in the friend’s zone. Sorry! The game of love is a tricky game. Some of us are winners with the heart. While others like us are not so lucky with love. 

Oracle Think Tank

What happen here? Oracle Think Tank did not receive any support from Season 3. The anime doesn’t have an Oracle Think Tank player since Misaki Tokrua switched to Genesis. They’re not the biggest losers this year. Oracle Think Tank did receive new support from the manga in an extra booster set.

Biggest Loser


This one was very obvious. Megacolony is the black sheep in Cardfight!! Vanguard. It is the laughingstock on Cray. Megacolony has not received any support this year. The clan doesn’t have a Break Ride unit. That’s not the worst of it! Link Joker replaced Megacolony.

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