Unit of The Week: King of Knights’ Vanguard, Ezzell

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[ACT](VC): Legion 21000 “King of Knights, Alfred” (If your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater, this unit may return four cards from your drop zone into your deck once, search your deck for the specified card, and Legion)
[ACT](VC):[Soul Blast (2) & Choose a card from your hand with the same name as a unit on your (VC), and discard it] If this unit is Legion, search your deck for up to one grade 2, grade 1 and grade 0 card, call them to separate (RC), and shuffle your deck.
[CONT](VC):If this unit is Legion, your units cannot boost this unit.

King of Knights’ Vanguard, Ezzell is the second Legion unit in the Legion revival campaign. His name quickly tells you that he is Alfred’s Legion partner to revive the original Royal Paladins from season one. King of Knights, Alfred has joined forces with his new ally Ezzel to once again be a dominant force! Blaster Blade and Knight of Silence, Gallatin are ready to return to their roots and fight beside Alfred and Ezzell.

King of Knights’ Vanguard, Ezzell’s Legion skill is far superior to Alfred’s very expensive skill. Ezzell’s skill costs two Soul Blasts and discarding Alfred or Ezzell to superior call one grade 2, grade 1, and grade 0 from the deck. Over half of a formation is created by just one skill alone. The Legion skill sets up for Alfred to gather power from the strength of his loyal knights. The best benefit is conserving the hand to use for defense, and calling a minimum amount of units from the hand to complete a full formation. This skill is also one of the best skills to counter decks that retire your units especially in masses per turn. A deck built around Ezzell demands for 4 copies of Ezzell and Alfred to maximize their skills.

Furthermore, the Legion skill opens limitless possibilities for many different generic units to be included in the deck, and unorthodox grade ratios can make major plays in a match. Libergal is the best choice for a starter and adding two or three copies of Libergal to the deck for it can fuel the Legion skill. Libergal’s skill sends itself to the soul to search a grade 3 unit  from the deck’s top five cards to add to your hand. Blaster Blade is an obvious choice for the deck; his ability to retire units will weaken the opponent’s formation. The deck has five unused Counter Blasts as the Legion vanguards do not use them so Blaster Blade can his ability twice. He would be more deadly if he had a support unit similar to Barrier Troop Revenger, Dorint to decease his skill’s cost to one Counter Blast.

Ezzell’s power combined with Alfred’s power and skill is 31K, they have more than enough power without a boost to pressure the opponent. Use 12 critical triggers in the deck to put fear in your opponent’s hearts. It’s perfect guard or lose to your Legion attack. Not even an average Quintet Wall of 25K shield will be able to block the attack for 11K vanguards if at least one trigger is checked during Twin Drive.

Given these points, the original Royal Paladins are making the greatest comeback since Brett Favre led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game! King of Knights’ Vanguard, Ezzell provides Alfred and the original Royal Paladins with the support that they were lacking for the past few formats. Ezzell’s Legion skill perfectly fits with Alfred, and saves Counter Blasts for Blaster Blade to strike down your opponent’s rear guards. I’m going to take out Royal Paladins from my binders, deck boxes, and tins, and start building my improved Royal Paladins deck!

Card Rating: 4 out of 5

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