I Want Cooler and Meta-Cooler To Be Reinvented

Frieza’s family and soldiers are my favorite villains in Dragon Ball Z. The classic theme to rule the universe is the Planet Trade Organization’s goal. Frieza’s older brother Cooler is just as evil and power hungry as his little brother and father King Cold. Cooler is one of the most popular movie villains in Dragon Ball Z. He stars in Cooler’s Revenge and The Return of Cooler. In Cooler’s Revenge, Cooler seeks revenge against Goku for disgracing his family. He later returns as Meta-Cooler in The Return of Cooler; he invades new Namek to only be defeated again by Goku and friends.

Cooler has two separate personality sets. Score released Cooler’s main personality set in a special promo booster pack in Cooler’s Revenge on VHS, and Meta-Cooler’s main personality set was released in the second Capsule Corp release. Despite, using Metal Cooler for Meta-Cooler’s level 3 card, Score made it very clear that both versions of Cooler were different characters in the trading card game. Thus, players could not mix and match personality cards. However, players were allowed to play them together as allies.

The self-proclaimed ruler of the universe could make a comeback in Panini America’s DBZ CCG. He is best suited to be a main personality for being the main antagonist in two featured films and his Meta-Cooler clones can become allies. Stronger and unlimited powers can make Cooler a relevant character to play unlike his previous version in Score’s game.

Cooler and Metal Cooler Are One Main Personality

Metal Cooler is what remains of the true Cooler’s organic body, and oddly Score used Metal Cooler as LV3 Meta-Cooler. Both personalities should be able to share personality cards with each other as they are the same character. There are two simple options to combine both personalities. First, Panini America can allow players to interchange Cooler’s and Metal Cooler’s personalities. Second, there is also the possibility for Panini America to make a LV4 Cooler as Metal Cooler like they did with Mecha Frieza. A LV4 Meta-Cooler for a Cooler main personality set would solve all problems.

Meta-Cooler Allies

Meta-Cooler are mere clones made in Cooler’s image and are controlled him. I want Meta-Cooler Allies to have the same ruling as Cell Jrs. have in Score’s version, up to three copies of each Meta Cooler personality can be used as allies per deck. Meta-Cooler allies can only be Captain Ginyu’s, Frieza’s, King Cold’s, and Cooler’s allies. This would give Captain Ginyu another ally to use in combat when he reaches level 4.

Do Not Restrict Cooler To Blue

Score was not too friendly to Cooler’s players by limiting them to declaring a Blue Touki-Waza. Players were only able to use Cooler’s and Meta-Cooler’s powers to their fullest potential when they used Blue cards. Panini America can remove the limitations to give Cooler unique playstyles to make decks built around him to have more options. The supreme master of this universe would finally see some play off the bench.

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