Goku Enters The Cell Games!

Goku is the first man ready to compete at the Cell Games! He is one of the most important characters in the Cell Saga. His fight against Cell helped Gohan. Gohan was able to quickly learn Cell’s attack pattern. Cell struggled against Super Saiyan 2 Gohan before Cell returned from the edge of death. He encouraged his son Gohan to unleash his full power and destroy Cell.

Awakening features Goku’s third main personality set. He has received a new set every year. Goku will most likely be the third strongest character behind Cell and Gohan. His power level may not be a factor if the Attack Table remains the same. I am expecting a slight change in the Attack Table because characters should outrank previous characters such as Frieza.

Level 1 Goku Training

Your attacks deal +1 life card of damage.
POWER:Use when entering combat.
Draw a card.

Goku’s power level starts in the E bracket. He already has a great start in games. Weaker personalities may struggle to deal damage with physical attacks. The E bracket is the second highest bracket at the moment. The bracket may change in this upcoming starter deck. Goku’s level one starts the trend for his upcoming levels. His first ability increases your attacks’ damage by one life card of damage. You will start with four cards in combat. This may give you an additional attack or block.

Level 2 Goku Determined

Your attacks deal +1 life card of damage and your opponent’s attacks deal -1 life card of damage.
POWER: Draw the bottom card of your discard card. You may discard a card from your hand to use a critical damage effect.

Goku is determined to give your opponent a headache. His attacks continue to deal extra damage and he takes less damage from your opponent’s attacks. He can use a critical damage effect to destroy useful allies on the field, lower your opponent’s anger, or capture a Dragon Ball. Your decision will be determined by your opponent’s strategy. If your opponent is trying to win by MPPV, then you should lower your opponent’s anger.

Level 3 Goku Courageous

Your attacks deal +2 life cards of damage.
POWER:Physical attack.
Draw the top or bottom card of your discard pile.
DAMAGE: AT +2 life cards.

Goku’s skills continue to become stronger as he advances levels. He reaches the highest bracket on the Attack Table. His attacks now deal two additional life cards of damage. Goku’s second power is a physical attack and you may draw the top or bottom card from your discard pile. Skills with attacks are the best skills. You are always ready for combat. His attack can deal a lot of damage! It will deal at least four damage. Your discard pile becomes a second deck. You may draw a card from it. I would grab an attack to continue the pressure on my opponent. I want to keep him or her on their heels.

Level 4 Goku Selfless

Your attacks deal +2 life cards of damage and your opponent’s attacks deal -2 life cards of damage.
POWER: Search your Life Deck, discard pile, Banished Zone for a Styled card and place it into your hand.

Goku never gives up in a fight. He will return to the living if he is dead.  He will fine a new ability to give him the edge. Sometimes he will create a new strategy to overcome his opponent. His skills for his level four card demonstrates Goku’s selflessness. His amazing ability can search for cards in the Banished Zone. Your opponent’s efforts to remove cards from you are useless if you are able to reach level four.

The Final Word

I want to build a deck with Goku’s new main personality set! Goku’s new personality set is well balanced. He is designed for every style. Saiyan Rampaging Mastery and Red Ruthless Mastery can create endless possibilities with Goku’s skills. I will most likely make a Saiyan deck with Goku. He has a great engine for drawing cards from your Life Deck, discard pile, and Banished Zone. You have many options to search for your cards. Each personality can increase damage from your attacks and I also like his defense from his level four card. You can prevent a small amount of damage from your opponent. Goku’s set from Awakening could become one of the most played sets in the game.

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