MegaMan Trading Card Game

MegaMan Trading Card Game was a short-lived card game in 2005 developed by Decipher. It is based on the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. MegaMan NT Warrior was a hit series airing on the WB Network now known as the CW Network. Lan Hikari and his NetNavi MegaMan protected the cyber-network  against cyber-terrorist organizations; World Three, Gospel (Grave), and Nebula!

Jack In and Power Up!

The game’s concept is the same as the anime and video games. You are the NetOp battling with your NetNavi against an opposing NetOp and his or her NetNavi. The battle system is similar to Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game. Players battle each other by using Battle Chips and your deck is also your life. The person who empties his or her opponent’s deck is the winner.

Power Up, N1 Grand Prix, and Grave Warning are the game’s only sets. Each set contained two starter
decks and a booster box. The starter deck NetNavis were MegaMan.EXE, TorchMan.EXE (FireMan.EXE), Bass.EXE, ProtoMan.EXE, SharkMan.EXE, and PharaohMan.EXE. More NetNavi cards can be found in booster packs. The NetNavis from the booster packs include Roll.EXE, GutsMan.EXE, ElecMan.EXE, SkullMan.EXE, ShadowMan.EXE, etc.

Decipher also gave away many promos cards. They are very expensive and hard to find. Ebay is the best site for finding the rare promo cards. My personal favorite is the MegaMan X promo card from MegaMan X Command Mission. MegaMan X is the only non-Battle Network character to be featured in the game. He does not have any cards of his own. His decks are built with generic support cards.

The Game’s Deletion

Unfortunately, MegaMan Trading Card Game only lasted for three sets. The game lacked support and a strong tournament support. No stores in my area sold the cards so I had purchased the cards online. I have never played a single game. I’ve never met anyone who had cards to play with.

It is unfortunate that season 3 MegaMan NT Warrior Axess did not get the opportunity to be apart of the game. LaserMan.EXE, SearchMan.EXE, and ShadeMan.EXE would have been awesome NetNavis in the game. Dark Chips could have added a new mechanic and strategies. Dark Chips would have been support cards for Darkloids like LaserMan.EXE and ShadeMan.EXE.


MegaMan Trading Card Game is an awesome card game for die hard MegaMan fans like myself. You can purchase start decks and booster boxes at fairly cheap prices online. However, I will remember MegaMan Trading Card Game as a game that had potential and failed to take full advantage of its potential. The game appears to be enjoyable and playable despite its mishaps. However, MegaMan Trading Card Game is a lost and forgotten game to many card gamers in the card game community. This is no surprised because of the major lack of support.

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