The Top Ten Final Turns

Final Turn are two words nobody wants to hear when they are unable to defend themselves in a card fight. The words signal the end. Cardfight!! Vanguard created the term and fans embraced it. We dream about creating a fantastic play to win the game in a dramatic fashion. We have witnessed many dominating plays and unbelievable finishes in the anime.  Here are my top ten final turns in Cardfight!! Vanguard!

1. Perdition Dragon, Vortex Dragonewt & Perdition dragon, Whirlwind Dragon Legion

I admit I’m a prisoner of the moment. Kai’s new Kagero Legion is an unstoppable crimson flame! Kai’s feelings are best displayed through the mighty Kagero clan. His intense flames were too much for Gaillard.

2. Ultimate Dimensional Robo Comeback!

Ren backed Kenji into a corner. He appeared to be in complete control of the match until Kenji unleashed the robotic beast! Kenji superior rode Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha. Great Daiyusha finished Ren off with an unstoppable attack. Ren didn’t know what hit him!

3. Blaster Blade Liberator Slays Dragonic Overlord the Яe-birth

Aichi and Kai fought in the greatest card fight in season 3. It came down to their avatars Blaster Blade and Dragonic Overlord. It was Blaster Blade who grabbed victory for Aichi!

4. Aichi and Alfred Save The World From Link Joker and the Void!

Aichi was the only man alive to defeat Link Joker! Aichi and Alfred led the counter attack against the Star-vaders. Alfred liberated the lock and freed his comrades from Link Joker! With his comrades back on the battlefield, Alfred vanquished Star-vader Omega Glendios!

5. Ren Defeats Kai

Kai was able to save Aichi from the darkness. However, he was unable to save Ren. Even the mighty Dragonic Overlord the End could not defeat Phantom Blaster Overlord. Ren and his Shadow Paladins defeated the once believed to be unbeatable Kai.

6. Blaster Blade and Kai Show Aichi The Light!

Aichi was in a cloud of darkness as his addiction to Psyqualia was out of control. He was the biggest blue hair bully at Cardfight Capital. Kai was determined to save Aichi from the Psyqualia and called upon the Royal Paladins to help him. Blaster Blade and Kai reminded Aichi of how strong he is without Psyqualia.

7. Misaki Takes Asaka To School!

Asaka’s and Misaki’s rivalry is one of the most intense rivalries in Cardfight!! Vanguard. We are guaranteed an awesome match between these two fierce rivals. Asaka was overconfident after defeating Misaki in their match and believed Misaki was the same fighter from their last match. She was wrong and Misaki defeated Asaka in a cold-blooded final turn!

8. Grade 3s Save The Day!

Aichi was playing under special rules giving rear-guards drive checks. This led to total domination. Aichi crushed the opposition with multiple Twin Drives. Morikawa was right! Grade 3s rule and grade 2s drool!

9. Eradicator, Tempest Bolt Dragon Retires The Opposition! 

Naoki was in the battle of his life against the Reverse. He was falling deep into the darkness until his friend Shingo cheered for him! Naoki broke free and Tempest Bold Dragon eradicated the field! Tempest Bold Dragon and Naoki freed Maki Nagashiro and Maiden of Venus Trap Muse from Link Joker.

10. Majesty Lord Blaster’s First and Only Appearance

Majesty Lord Blaster’s appearance in the anime is epic. Blaster Dark put aside his fuel with Blaster Blade and lent his sword to his rival. Thus, Blaster Blade transformed into Majesty Lord Blaster. Together Aichi and Majesty Lord Blaster defeated Ren.

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