Unit of The Week: Chronojet Dragon G

[CONT](VC):During your turn, for every two face up cards in your G zone, this unit gets [Power]+5000, and all of your   rear-guards get [Power]+1000.Time Leap-[AUTO](VC):During your turn, when your or G unit Stride, choose up to one card from your hand, call it to (RC), choose up to one of your rear-guards, and time leap it. (Bind it, call a grade +1 card from your deck, and shuffle your deck. At the end of the turn, put the called unit on the bottom of your deck, and call the bound card)

Gear Chronicle has received a lot of new and strong cards in recent weeks. The Zodiac Time Beast have expanded in a full archetype. Chronojet Dragon G is one of the newest Zodiac Time Beast. He is basically Chronojet Dragon with the letter G added to his name. I wished his artwork was slightly different from the original card. Chronojet Dragon’s deck finally has its second Chronojet Dragon just like Dragonic Overlord’s decks have two or more versions of Dragonic Overlord in the decks.

Chronojet Dragon G’s first skill grants him 5,000 power for every two face up cards in your G zone and your Zodiac Time Beast rear-guards gain 1,000 power. G-Guardians will boost this skill’s abilities. G-Guardians will quickly be faced up in your G Zone because they can be summoned during your opponent’s turn. Chronojet Dragon G can easily have 21,000 power in a few turns. However, he does not have the ability to avoid perfect guards. Opponents can counter this ability by defending their vanguard with a perfect guard.

Chronojet Dragon G’s second skill Time Leaps one unit and calls a card from your hand. Many cards interact with this skill. Bind Chrono Dan to take advantage of his skill! He can superior call Chronojet Dragon or Chronojet Dragon G from the deck and your new Chronojet Dragon returns to your hand at the end of your turn. You can use Chronojet Dragon to pay for your next G-Unit’s stride! Steam Knight, Mudar is a fun card to play with Chronojet Dragon G’s skill. He can superior call himself from the Bind Zone and gain 2,000 power.

Decks with Chronojet Dragon have two sets of him in a deck. You can never have the wrong vanguard in the letter stages of a game. Choose the version that counters your opponent’s strategy the best. You are able to stride Chronodragon Nextage and Chronodragon Gear Groovy. Both G-Units require a card with “Chronojet Dragon” in its name to activate his skills. They provide a huge threat in the late game. Their skills pressure your opponent in a corner.

Overall, Chronojet Dragon G is a great addition to Chronojet Dragon decks. You now have two sets of Chronojet Dragons in a deck. You will never have a wrong card as your vanguard. I prefer the original Chronojet Dragon’s skill to send an opponent’s rear-guard to bottom of his or her deck. Chronojet Dragon G’s skill is still good and has many combos. Chronodragon Nextage is the one of the best G-Units in the game. Chronojet Dragon G’s name allows him to trigger Chronodragon Nextage’s skills! Experience your bright future with Chronojet Dragon G!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

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