Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Elemental HERO Honest Neos

Elemental HERO Honest Neos


(Quick Effect): You can discard this card, then target 1 “HERO” monster on the field; it gains 2500 ATK until the end of this turn. (Quick Effect): You can discard 1 “HERO” monster; this card gains ATK equal to the discarded monster’s ATK until the end of this turn. You can only use each effect of “Elemental HERO Honest Neos” once per turn.

Elemental HERO Honest Neos is an improved version of the original Elemental HERO Neos. Elemental HERO Neos is one of the most disappointing cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX because he does not have an effect. The new version is a far superior card with two amazing effects. Elemental HERO Honest Neos sets a new standard for the Neos archetype. We finally have a powerful version of Neos for our HERO decks.

History in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Elemental HERO Honest Neos is a reference to Jaden playing Honest with Elemental HERO Neos during his third dual against Trueman. This card’s effect is a combination of Honest’s effect with Elemental HERO Neos. The artwork is also a representation of the cards working together. Furthermore, this combination is shown during the show’s fourth opening. This card’s pose is similar to the pose in the opening.

Honest’s Effect

Elemental HERO Honest Neos’s first effect discards this card from your hand, and one HERO monster on your field gains 2,500 ATK. This is a quick effect that can be used at any time. In addition, this effect is perfect to play during the battle phase. Your opponent will be caught by surprise, and your HERO monster can win a battle against your opponent’s monster. Then, you deal serious damage to your opponent.

Play these cards with Elemental HERO Honest Neos!
  • Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
  • Miracle Fusion
  • Polymerization

Elemental HERO Honest Neos’s second effect discards a HERO monster from your hand, and he gains ATK equal to the discarded monster’s ATK. This effect is  similar to the first effect. It is also very effective in every HERO deck. You increase Elemental HERO Honest Neo’s ATK to destroy an opponent’s monster. I enjoy this strategy to destroy a monster and prepare the graveyard for fusions.

Furthermore, Elemental HERO decks enjoy sending monsters to the graveyard. This strategy sets up fusions with Miracle Fusion. You are using your Elemental Heroes in your graveyard as material for fusions. This is a great strategy for fully using your resources. Then, you will special summon a powerful Elemental HERO from your extra deck!

Play these Fusion Monsters with Elemental HERO Honest Neos!

Finally, Elemental HERO Honest Neos has a Light attribute, and you can use him as fusion material for certain Elemental Heroes. You have some good options listed above. Some of my favorite fusion monsters require a Light attribute. Elemental HERO The Shining is one of the best cards to play with him. These cards have amazing synergy with Miracle Fusion.

Overall, Elemental HERO Honest Neos is a phenomenal card to play in HERO decks. I am currently playing him in my Elemental HERO deck. I recommend playing at least two copies of Elemental HERO Honest Neos in your deck. His effects are consistent with the archetype. You can create many combos with this card in HERO decks. The possibilities of creating a fantastic combo are limitless.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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