DBZ Analysis: Super Saiyan Two Gohan

Goku passed the torch to his son Gohan. Gohan was the only person able to stop Cell. All hope was placed on Gohan’s shoulders. He did not let his friends and the world down. He defeated Dr. Gero’s greatest creation. However, Gohan would only be the strongest Z Warrior for one other point in the series. Gohan’s first Main Personality cards did not influence the game’s state. He has the weakest Hero Main Personality of all Saiyans. He did not fit well with the Saiyan Style Mastery because they rely on stronger characters such as Future Trunks and Goku.

Gohan’s upcoming Main Personality set from Awakening has made him a good fit with Blue Style decks and Saiyan Style decks. His levels have chemistry with Blue Tag Team Mastery and Saiyan Rampaging Mastery. His power level has greatly increased above all challengers. He should be the strongest character on the attack table. He is the strongest character at the Cell Games.

Gohan Level 1 Adept

Your attacks are considered Styled.
Whenever an ally you control is banished raise your anger 1 level.
Power: Physical attack,
You may banish an Ally.
DAMAGE: AT +2 life cards.

Gohan’s attacks are considered Styled. You can play many Named cards and Freestyle cards without losing the benefits from your Style. All of Gohan’s levels have this ability. It has a lot of chemistry with Saiyan Rampaging Mastery. Gohan gains anger from every successful attack and he only needs four anger to advance a level. He is a prime candidate for MPVV.

His power is a physical attack and deals two life cards of damage. You can banish Allies to raise your anger one level. This skill can be paired with Blue Tag Team Mastery. The mastery will return your banished Ally to the deck. You are not losing a friend because the mastery will return it to the field on your next turn.

Gohan Level 2 Unlocked

Your attacks are considered Styled.
Whenever your MP would advance a level you may lower your MP 1 level instead.
POWER: Discard a card from your hand to search your Life Deck for a Styled card and place it into your hand.

Gohan is another step closer from reaching his full potential. The first skill gives you the option to lower Gohan one level instead of advancing a level. I do not like this skill. It has potential in Ally decks with Blue Tag Team Mastery, but I would rather increase Gohan’s power to pressure my opponent. You can discard a card to search for a Styled card and draw it. Every style has great cards to draw. You can draw the best card for every situation.

Gohan Level 3 Unassuming

Your attacks are considered Styled and deal +2 stages of damage.
POWER: Physical attack.
You may banish a Setup, Drill, or Ally.
DAMAGE: 4 stages

Never make assumptions in battle. Gohan Unassuming’s power is simply amazing! His physical attack can banish a Setup, Drill, or Ally. I would pair him with Krillin’s Ally card. Krillin’s power destroys a Drill every turn. You can wreck the opposition’s field. Remember Krillin is only a good ally in decks without Drills. Do not play Krillin if you are going to play Drills with Gohan.

Gohan Level 4 Undeniable

Your attacks are considered Styled. Your physical attacks only be stopped by Physical Combat cards. Your energy attacks only be stopped by Energy Combat cards.
POWER: The next attack you perform this combat has its power stage cost reduced to 0 and its damage cannot be prevented.

Gohan will not be denied! His power is a true testament to my statement and his name. His first power limits your opponent’s ability to defend himself or herself. Opponents can only block an attack with the same type of combat card. This is where Future Trunks comes in handy as an Ally. He can look prevent your opponent from drawing a card that can block your next attack. Your next attack in combat has no cost and opponents cannot prevent any damage. Saiyan Clothesline is a nasty card with Gohan Undeniable. The damage will double if Gohan’s power level is greater than the opposing Main Personality.

The Final Word

Gohan is finally one of the best characters in the game. His previous set saw very little action outside Blue Style and Namekian Style. I am expecting Gohan to be one of the most played Main Personalities alongside Broly. His powers are great with Saiyan Rampaging Mastery. Gohan needs one less anger to advance a level. All of his attacks are considered Styled and they gain the benefits from Saiyan Rampaging Mastery. Gohan gains one anger for each attack that hits your opponent. Saiyan Gohan decks have a lot of potential to dominate the competition. Unleash your full potential with Super Saiyan Two Gohan!

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