Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon


You can Tribute Summon this card in Attack Position by Tributing 1 Zombie monster. When this card destroys a Zombie monster by battle and sends it to the GY: You can Special Summon that Zombie monster.

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon is a dead version of Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and it is a better card in my opinion. This card made its debut in Zombie World Structure Deck. It is a commonly played card in zombie decks. Furthermore, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon has amazing synergy with many zombie monsters. Its effects complement zombie decks, and fit the theme of the deck.

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon’s first effect allows you to tribute summon it by using one zombie monster as a tribute. This ability is fantastic in zombie decks because it makes summoning Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon easier for players. You are using one monster instead of two monsters for the summon. You are saving resources for other abilities and summons. In addition, this effect makes Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon a great card in many zombie decks.

Play these cards with Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon!
  • Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon
  • Zombie World

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon’s second effect special summons any zombie monster that it destroys by battle and sends to your opponent’s graveyard. This effect is damaging your opponent, and stealing your opponent’s monster after you destroy it. I like this effect’s potential in any match. This zombie on your field can damage your opponent. You can also use your new monster for material to special summon a stronger monster.

Furthermore, , this second effect is very effective against opponents when Zombie World is on the field. This powerful field spell makes all monsters on the field become zombies. Then, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon’s second effect becomes very consistent. You will always special summon your opponent’s monsters as zombies after you destroy them. Then, you can use your opponent’s monsters against them to deal more damage!

Overall, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon is a great card to play in zombie decks. This dead dragon’s effects have synergy with many zombie monsters. Its second effect shines with Zombie World on the field. You are destroying your opponent’s monsters and turning them into the living dead on your field. I recommend playing a full set in any zombie deck for Red-Eyes.

Card Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) 

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