Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Encode Talker

[Cyberse / Link / Effect]

ATK/2300 Link/3

2+ Cyberse monsters
Once per turn, before damage calculation, if your monster this card points to battles an opponent’s monster with higher ATK than it: You can make that monster unable to be destroyed by that battle, also you take no battle damage from that battle. After that damage calculation, have this card or 1 monster it points to gain ATK equal to the ATK of that battled opponent’s monster, until the end of this turn.

Encode Talker is the featured ultra rare card from Structure Deck: Cyberse Link. It  is a Cyberse Link Monster and member of the Code Talker archetype. It currently is only available in Cyberse Link. I like his artwork. His large shield symbolizes his effect.

Encode Talker’s effect prevents your monster from being destroyed by battle, and you also do not take battle damage from the battle. Then, him or a monster that it points to gains ATK equal to the ATK of your opponent’s monster until the end of the turn. This effect is very useful for destroying your opponent’s strongest monster. You can summon a weaker monster to attack it, and increase Encode Talker’s ATK. Then, Encode Talker can destroy your opponent’s strongest monster on the board.

Play these cards with Encode Talker!
  • Decode Talker
  • Tri-Gate Wizard

Furthermore, Encode Talker has strong synergy with Cyberse monsters. He provides them protection once per turn as I have already stated. In addition, Encode Talker may also benefit for their effects. Tri-Gate Wizard is a great monster to Co-Link to Encode Talker. This dynamic duo inflicts a lot of damage to the opposition!

Double Damage Combo!
  1. Co-Link Encode Talker and Tri-Gate Wizard!
  2. Tri-Gate Wizard attacks your opponent’s monster with a higher ATK than it. Tri-Gate Wizard will not be destroyed and Encode Talker gains ATK equal to your opponent’s monster.
  3. Encode Talker attacks your opponent and Tri-Gate Wizard’s effect doubles the damage inflicted to your opponent.

However, Encode Talker is not unbeatable. All good things must come to an end. Encode Talker’s effect does not prevent him from being destroyed by battle. Your opponent can destroy Encode Talker by battle or effect. You need to play trap cards to protect Encode Talker.

Overall, Encode Talker is a great card from a structure deck. He is a strong addition to Cyberse decks. You use his skill to overcome many powerful monsters. The skill provides an effective combo when it points to Tri-Gate Wizard. Link your Cyberse monsters to Encode Talker, and get your game on!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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